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    WTB: Men's Basketball vs Texas Tech Tickets and parking

    LMK, need 2-4 tickets. 3 tickets is perfect, but will buy 4 if all together......Parking would be a nice bonus but not necessary.
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    random videos playing

    The video I can't get rid of is not relevant to the article I am trying to read.....
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    random videos playing

    I have somewhat slow internet feed, when I try to read an article most of the time a random video unrelated to what I am trying to read interupts. So I give up. Also, while I am trying to read the article it keeps moving as ads and other videos load.
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    Time for new starting lineup????

    Instead of Cam and Lindell coming off the bench, start them. Don't see why Cam and Jacobsen can't play at the same time.....
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    Never mind

    Looking for 4 tickets for TCU 02/09 LMK pm me or email me at
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    You need to listen to the podcast at 1/2 speed! My wife, daughter and myself listened by accident to the last 5 minutes of the podcast that finished with the discussion of whether you would want to be stuck with the future of having hands or feet that kept growing! OMG, freeking funny! Give it a...