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    Anyone converting to Roth while market is down?

    We tried that with our family but they preferred giving them cheap crap and cash.
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    Anyone converting to Roth while market is down?

    I get all that but why is it beneficial to roll 401k into Roth when the market is down?
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    Des Moines UFO

    Jacob looks like a reliable witness tho
  4. 1100011CS

    Anyone converting to Roth while market is down?

    Someone please ELI5
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    RadioShack Twitter

    The funniest account I've seen:
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    Jackson Vroman dies

    There's a lot of dust in my office right now.
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    2022 Concerts

    Will see you there. EDIT: Nvm, we're going to the one in Mankato on the 30th
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    Anybody drive to Canada lately?

    Talked to a friend that just returned from a fishing trip to Canada. Passport is required as well as a Covid vaccine card with an emphasis on the latter.
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    Boundary surveying cost

    My family has ~80 acres of land and on one side the adjoining land owner seems to think they can treat our property as theirs. So, I'd like to get it surveyed and put up some marker posts just to let them know where the line actually is. So, my question is what can I expect to pay for that...
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    2022 Concerts

    I might be able to find someone to take a free ticket but doubt anyone would pay to sit by themself.
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    2022 Concerts

    Me and 3 friends going to this. Alice in Chains in August and Judas Priest in Oct. Want to go to Billy Strings at Surly Brewing in August but couldn't find anyone to go with and now it's sold out
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    Brands of Gas

    Kwik Trip/Star is no longer Top Tier rated. Don't think Casey's ever was. Edit: guess i was a bit slow on the draw. carry on
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    What are you reading?

    It was mentioned earlier in the thread. I started reading it a long time ago but got disinterested about 1/3 through. Maybe will try again.
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    What are you reading?

    LOL, I'm a little slow
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    What are you reading?

    I feel like 'Today' would have been a much more succinct title :)
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    What are you reading?

    Looking for Historical Fiction recommendations. For reference, I'm a big fan of Ken Follett.
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    What are you reading?

    I'm a Blake Crouch fan too. I'm currently reading a book I got from Amazon First Reads called Blackout by Erin Flanagan which I'm enjoying so far.
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    How do you make a PBJ?

    TIL 76.5% of CF are Neanderthal monsters
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    Math Questions

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    Headstone with hidden message raises concerns

    I think I would have got along good with that guy.