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  1. ST8FTBL

    WTB: RV Pass "Texas Tech" Game

    Looking for RV Pass for Texas Tech game. Would like D3, but will take any lot available. Thanks!!
  2. ST8FTBL

    WTB: RV Pass For Texas Tech Game

    Anyone with an RV Pass for Tech game? I have my own pass in D3, family coming to town and also wanting to bring RV.
  3. ST8FTBL

    WTB: Texas Parking Pass

    Interested in any parking pass for Texas game. Please PM if you have one available.
  4. ST8FTBL


    3 seats, Section 13, Row 32, seat backs included. Will be out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.
  5. ST8FTBL

    FS: 3 Tickets ISU / Baylor

    Have to attend a wedding, so my 3 seats have to go. Lower level, Section 13, Row 32, with seat backs. PM if interested, Thanks!!
  6. ST8FTBL

    WTB: RV Pass For Any Remaining Game

    Thinking about buying a RV pass starting next season. My wife would like to try it once this year before committing to an entire season. If any one not being used any game the remainder of the year please let me know. Thanks!!
  7. ST8FTBL

    Honda Generators For Tailgating

    Anyone know where would be a good place to post an ad for (2) 2000 Watt Honda Generators that I no longer need? They are super quiet and only been used one tailgating season. Could bring to spring game if anyone is interested. I would love to see them used by a fellow cyclone fan. PM if...
  8. ST8FTBL

    WTB: RV Pass For Thurs.

    Interested in purchasing an RV pass for Thursday nights game! Please PM if you are wanting to sell one.
  9. ST8FTBL

    FS: 1 ISU vs. Army Ticket

    Lower Level, West Side, Sec. 13, Row 32, seat back included. $20obo. Call 515-971-4629 if interested.
  10. ST8FTBL

    Tailgating Satellite Set-Up???

    I just bought a new camper & am interested in setting up DirecTv for pregame this year. Does anyone have any experiences I should know about to save frustrations?? ie: aligning dish or mounting to RV?? Any help would be great.
  11. ST8FTBL

    Welcome Our New Cyclone Fan!!

    Just welcomed into the world our first little cyclone cheerleader. Can't wait to bring her to her first football game!
  12. ST8FTBL

    K-State Game Kick Off Time???

    Any idea when the K-State game will start? Wife is due with our first child late June. She only wants to be gone for one night. Any info would be nice. Thanks!
  13. ST8FTBL

    1 ISU Vs. Neb Ticket For Sale

    Section 13, Row 32 Seat back included, this is my extra season ticket. $90 515-971-4629
  14. ST8FTBL

    Selling: 1 Ticket to Kent State Game

    1 Ticket Section 13, row 32. Sit on West Side, South Goal Line. Seat Back Included!! Will Sell for $20.00 We have seven in our row but only six people attending this game. Contact @
  15. ST8FTBL

    Lot Opening Time??

    Will they really wait until 1:00 to open the lots? I recall last year when traffic got backed up enough they opened them up to relieve congestion on Elwood Dr. Ooops I mean "University". I don't think I will ever get used to that.
  16. ST8FTBL

    Vegas Flight From Lincoln, NE

    Did anyone else have a flight scheduled out of Stinkin' Lincoln for the UNLV game??