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  1. LanningIsBakersDaddy

    2022 Recruiting/Transfer Class

    Just like @cyfan92 did last year, I wanted to create a centralized place for commitments and known offers/targets. Similarly this will be separate from the master list of every human being entering the transfer portal. Again try to keep this to OFFERS and credible interest only! As of...
  2. LanningIsBakersDaddy

    ***Official 2020 Fantasy Football Thread***

    Could not find another thread for this so decided I would make one.... How are your guys teams doing this week? So far I'm regretting drafting James Conner, forgot he was made of glass. I'll need a big night from Derrick Henry to get the win.
  3. LanningIsBakersDaddy

    Monté Morris vs Tyrese Haliburton

    Two of the best point guards in school history I would say, but what would happen if they traded spots? For the sake of comparison I'm just looking at each individual's sophomore season. Current Tyrese Averages: GP MIN FG% 3P% FT% REB AST BLK STL PF TO PTS 16 36.4 49.2 38.8...
  4. LanningIsBakersDaddy

    Pokes Settle a Bet?

    Well well well boys.... Do we have some illegal collegiate sports betting going on during the Oklahoma State game? Seems like they're playing pretty well though with a 14 point lead!
  5. LanningIsBakersDaddy

    Getting To The Basket

    Tough loss today to a really good Seton Hall team, definitely excited to see the rematch in Hilton. This was probably mentioned in the game thread, but I was pretty impressed with how Bolton, Tyrese, and even Nixon were attacking and getting to the rim today. Some of Bolton's finishes were just...