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  1. cycloner29

    2022 Football Gameday Shirts

    2022 Gameday shirts are here! Just got these hand delivered my a cheersquad member. No online sales. You need to contact a cheersquad member to get them before the season. Funny that they announced cheersquad members today and they stock them with shirts already. Think they are $20. Have no idea...
  2. cycloner29

    Metinka Slater leaving KCCI?

    Turned on the news at noon to hear from Alyx Sacks that this is Metinka's last weathercast on KCCI. She didn't say what she was going to do. I just remember seeing her doing game forecasts at JTS a few years ago.
  3. cycloner29

    RIP Dr. Johnny Fever

    2022 has not been kind so far. The turkey drop was my favorite WKRP episode. Gone at the age of 81 due to complications from surgery.
  4. cycloner29

    Batman Ozzy's 40th Anniversary

    Today marks the 40th anniversary of the infamous biting the head off a bat by Ozzy on his "Diary of a Madman" tour as it was in Des Moines this day in 1982...
  5. cycloner29

    Resting Heart Rate over 160

    So I am one of those plasma donors. Well this morning I was going through the regular check things with temp, BP, heart rate, weight, etc and the guy next to me was getting his done and it was taking a lot longer than normal. They put the cuff on the other arm and did it again must have been...
  6. cycloner29

    Tailgate Food for the KU Game

    What's everyone's game plan food wise for this tailgate? Going with Hawaiian pulled pork sliders, Hawaiian meatballs, Cy-bombs (includes pineapple captain morgan), pineapple jello-shots, some sort of pineapple salsa, at least 2-3 different kinds of tropical rum punch, and maybe even Hawaiian...
  7. cycloner29

    Vegas Invasion of Cyclones!

    People are like “Is there an Iowa State convention in Vegas?” Our view from the 60th level at Mandalay.
  8. cycloner29

    Limited Concessions at JTS to Start the Season

    Don't know if this surprises anyone but read this from the email JP sent out. Wonder if they will allow you to bring in your own food. Similar to other organizations that rely on part-time service workers, it has been a challenge for Iowa State Athletics to rehire staff and fill key positions...
  9. cycloner29

    2021 UNI Tailgating Menu

    What is everyone planning for their tailgating menu for UNI? We are planning on early arrival and will have someone bring their usual Krispy Kremes and Casey's b-fast pizzas. Since our garden has been producing tomatoes, pepper, and onions as of late, we are going with a Southwest flavor. Got...
  10. cycloner29

    Where were you when the derecho hit central Iowa on August 10, 2020?

    Kind of piggy backing this off the "Derecho One-Year Later" thread..... Wife and kid were at home in north Ames. Other son lived with some buds in house down by the DOT here in Ames. I was at BioLife in South Ames when it hit. They had closed all the shades but you could see out the front door...
  11. cycloner29

    Informercial King Ron Popeil Passes Away What was your favorite gadget he was selling? GLH Hair-in-a-can That or the SNL "Bass-o-Matic"
  12. cycloner29

    RIP Dusty Hill of ZZ Top

    Just posted this morning with "Sharped Dress Man" as an MTV favorite of mine. RIP Dusty!!
  13. cycloner29

    Pollard an AD candidate at Nebby?

    BIL has been texting me about the AD candidates for NU and the rumor mill is Jamie is high on their list.
  14. cycloner29

    Bicycle Tires and Tubes

    If things happen in twos in term of flat tires on bikes, I think I win the last two days. Wife’s rear tire was flat yesterday morning. I had repaired it once and noticed the patch was a little wrinkled. Filled it part way and put it underwater and there were air bubbles. Took the old patch off...
  15. cycloner29

    ISU Rowing Team Drowning

    Got word from a friend in the Jewel area of a possible drowning of one member, two that are missing, and two that survived. Their boat flipped over at Little Wall Lake. KCCI is covering this story but has not said anything but just that law enforcement is on the scene.
  16. cycloner29

    Food Coma

    Wanted to call this thread “2021 Tailgating Food”, but after I ate this I literally was in a food coma. Beer brats with carmelized onions and sweet peppers, sweet pickled jalapeños and other hot peppers, and home cured buckboard bacon bits from pork shoulder on top along with in the baked beans...
  17. cycloner29

    Jeff Passan story on ESPN dealing with Mental Health

    Anyone else read this article? I couldn't stop reading it. I even read it again to make sure I read it right the first time. What a powerful article on someone that battled mental health issues that it lead him to the brink of suicide. Drew Robinson deserves to win an ESPY award for what he...
  18. cycloner29

    Chris Street Gravesite Vandalized

    Just saw the story on KCCI. Iowa alum Beau Bowman was assigned the story. Pretty sad to see this happen to anyone’s grave site. Didn’t realize it’s been 27 years already and that he was from Indianola. I was kinda taken back though when they called him an “Iowa Legend” though. I still remember...
  19. cycloner29

    Healthcare Premiums

    Anyone else seeing a large increase in premiums? Just got word our current policy is going up 34% with United Healthcare. Wow!! I figured they would be going up with Covid, but that is crazy!
  20. cycloner29

    Looking for 3 for Big 12 Championship

    Holding some hope people may have a few extras. Let me know please. Would have needed 4 but our oldest son got a couple for he and his friend to go. TIA!!