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  1. AlaCyclone

    ***Official Iowa State Bowl Projection (per linked sources) Thread***

    Per 247, Iowa State vs. Georgia @ Sugar Bowl:
  2. AlaCyclone

    Iowa State is now 16 / 16 RE: ...

    Facing Different Bowl Opponents! That's right, ISU has never played a team twice in a Bowl Game! 1971 Sun vs. L.S.U. 1972 Liberty vs. Georgia Tech 1977 Peach vs. N.C. State 1978 Hall of Fame Classic vs. Texas A&M 2000 vs. Pittsburgh 2001 Independence vs. Alabama 2002 Humanitarian...
  3. AlaCyclone

    Iowa State @ Texas Replay on Longhorn Network @ 9 AM Sunday Morning

    This should be fun!
  4. AlaCyclone

    Iowa State @ Kansas Football Tickets

    I bought tickets through KU Ticket Office today. Not sure how many they have left, but give them a call if you are looking. Let's paint Memorial Stadium Cardinal and Gold on Saturday! Let's Go State!
  5. AlaCyclone

    SEC vs. Big Xii Football Challenge?

    Assuming there is a 2020 season, it seems logical with the Pac, B1G and ACC all only playing conference games. Here is one thought on the matter...That would be great for Iowa State!
  6. AlaCyclone

    First Iowa State Football Season Ticket since 1994!

    As I have mentioned before, I recently moved back to Iowa after living around the country for the last quarter century. I technically moved in 1995 after the UNLV game (Big game for Troy Davis!), but I just realized this will be my first full season of Cyclone Football since 1994. Yes, that...
  7. AlaCyclone

    Knocked another restaurant off the Des Moines list tonight!

    I went to Buzzard Billy's and had the crawfish platter and a couple of Des Moines IPAs. I'm going to be fat as a pig by the time football season rolls around! Man, am I enjoying checking out the Des Moines food scene. Let's Go State!
  8. AlaCyclone

    So, I've lived in Des Moines for a Week...

    Things I have learned: The weather is glorious! I hope it stays this way year round. The people are super nice. Every time I see a Cyclone shirt or hat, I smile. It was easy-peasy to sign up for Nex Gen internet and Direct TV for a decent price. Next day service. Works great! Plenty of...
  9. AlaCyclone

    Iowa State needs to go after Chip Kelly!

    Time for Iowa State to step up to the Big Boy table! They need to OPEN the checkbook, go after Chip Kelly, give him an out from Philadelphia and offer him a challenge in Ames in an offensive league with a recruiting pipe-line in Texas. He's not a good fit in the NFl, but he was a helluva CFB...
  10. AlaCyclone

    Doomsday Scenario: MWC or AAC?

    Assume it happens- the Big Xii is picked apart, and ISU is left behind. Which Conference would be a better fit for the Cyclones: MWC or AAC? Personally, I think the MWC would be better for football, but the AAC with Temple, Cincinnati, SMU, UConn, Memphis, Houston, etc. would be better for...
  11. AlaCyclone

    Home and Home with an SEC Football team...Would it be worth it?

    If an SEC football program called up and offered Iowa State a home and home, do you think it would be worth it? Would you like to see ISU say yes to any and all or just some particular schools? Would you enjoy seeing Alabama, Tennessee, LSU, etc. at Jack Trice Stadium or would you just rather...