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    Roo problem

    Yah think a bee problem is bad. Having to fight a 6 foot kangaroo can't be fun.
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    Chris Taylor FB thread

    Some great stuff here for those of you on FB and can grab the link. Enjoy!
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    Wow! What a Cyclone and man of passion!;!!FJHKqY2EgyjjgA!HllzghkA-Pi70C735qgdmK7PP4uIXJIrVnzGAiQMPlcDVqKa0gvUFNKhRVm1mt2-$
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    Here we go. Run and gun. Quite a coach.
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    Monday in the office if you work with Fawkheads

    Looking forward to following this thread tomorrow. Go get em!
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    Campbell picture

    This is from the Twitter thread. Something about this picture. Campbell really enjoying himself. Settled in. Confident. Just nice to see.
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    Jaylin Noel

    Most excited to watch this warrior next season. Special talent. Watching him drill that Clemson player to the ground in 2nd half after their guy refused to quit pulling on him was great. He walks away with swag. And I don't think the guy got up. Would love to see a replay of that if can be found.
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    Maury John ISU BB Brought Forward 50 Years

    "Belly Button Defense" and great rebounding. It's a lost skill. It's back for us. I'd guess 95%+ of our competition isn't used to it and gets in their head. I like it. Ahhh the early 70's. Great times. Football was kicking some serious a** as well.
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    Campbell not going anywhere but home to his family

    Time for Campbell ISU 2.0. Will be a great 10 years ahead!
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    2022 is 2016 All Over Again For Campbell.

    Prove it year for the leader of our most critical athletic program. Should be interesting. I support him. Class act. Builder of young men, check. Coach to get us beyond bowl eligibility? We will see.
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    Surprisingly... I'm not pissed

    Odd. Normally would be drunk and regretting the rest of the night and tomorrow. I think when we let Iowa deep throat us I must have checked out. On to TexASS.
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    Recruits at Okie game

    Didn't see anything posted. Would have been a perfect atmosphere.
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    2 calls today Conf should slam

    The OU 4 and 2 call where forward momentum was clearly stopped and KU should have got the ball. No way QB should get that ball. And unsportsmanlike on Hutch. Gosh it's like they want OU and OSU in the title game. Funny thing is I think our BS call ignited crowd and team and coaches. Like...
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    What a freaking warrior. I SO hope he's ok. Not many players in our history who have committed their body, soul, and time to us fans.
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    Toledo time for Matt

    You better get back to the basics and figure out what got you here. Because clearly your vision has been impaired.
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    Needs to be done. He's going to cost us a game jacking around. Punt the ball 40 to 45 yards ....or further, every time, or sit. He's put us in very awkward field position prior to sitting a season.
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    Alcohol vs Weed

    The Iowa guy thread got me thinking about vices. Substance not other.. First off, your preference. I'm sure liking gummies after decades of not using it. So many alternatives available. Not hung over in morning. Always calming vs what booze brings. No calories.
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    Where would we be if Toledo wasn't scheduled?

    Crazy how decisions made years prior impact today. Matt walking tailgating in a mediocre program. Now realignment.
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    Until I See The 3 Powers That Be

    At our University showing stress publically or shared via legitimate sources privately, I'm not going to worry about all this. We are on the cusp of the greatest season ever in the history of our football program and I think we are going to kick some serious ass. We have landed on the island...
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    Heck of time for Notre Dame to

    Form a new conference. Start fresh and compete against Big and SEC.