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  1. BillBrasky4Cy

    Shade Tree Recommendation

    We lost our front tree in a storm last summer and I'm looking for recommendations for a good shade tree. The front of our home is east facing if that helps.
  2. BillBrasky4Cy

    NET Rankings are Flawed

    Why does NET continue to devalue Iowa States resume? I know there has been talk about offensive efficiency being a significant weight but at some point who you beat and who you lose to has to matter. Iowa State now has SIX Q1 wins and zero bad losses. I just don't get it. How are these two...
  3. BillBrasky4Cy

    Grass Parking Presale for Kansas Game

    Is Iowa State still doing the presale for the grass passes? I don't see a link out on the website for it.
  4. BillBrasky4Cy

    FS: 2 Tickets for Iowa Vs Iowa State Sec 16 Row 23

    Selling two tickets for the game Saturday. Asking $275 per ticket, DM if interested. Only selling as a pair.
  5. BillBrasky4Cy

    Ezra Miller Enters Transfer Portal

    Come to find out he didn't have a back issue... Gotta think CMC puts the full court press on him.
  6. BillBrasky4Cy

    Rhule Heading to Carolina

    Really unfortunate... Oh and **** Baylor!
  7. BillBrasky4Cy

    Way Too Early Look at the 8/31 Forecast

    Current forecast for 8/31 is showing a high of 75 with 69%(nice) humidity. The overnight low is 57! Is it too early to return the drum of Gold Bond that I picked up last week?
  8. BillBrasky4Cy

    FS: 2 Tickets Iowa State vs Iowa

    I have 2 tickets for sale for the Iowa game. Sec 15 Row 33 seats 3 and 4. Asking for $175 per ticket. Please PM me if interested. Available for pick up in the Des Moines area.
  9. BillBrasky4Cy

    How will the Committee Use Net Rankings?

    Saturday at 11:30 CBS and the NCAA will be doing their in-season reveal of the top 16 teams. The interview in the linked article kind of sheds some light on how the Committee will use the Net rankings along with other metrics. Iowa State appears to be in really good shape and I expect to see...
  10. BillBrasky4Cy

    Bowl Game Attendance

    I had an interesting conversation with my Iowa friends on New Years Eve regarding poor bowl game attendance and how to reverse the trend. We all pretty much agreed that the P5 Bowl games outside of the NY6 need to drop their conference affiliations and have a rotating pecking order where they...
  11. BillBrasky4Cy

    JTS Parking Question

    Does anyone know how early you need to arrive to getting a handicap spot in S1?
  12. BillBrasky4Cy

    Texas game Kickoff announced

    7:00 kick on... you guessed it... LHN.
  13. BillBrasky4Cy

    Antenna Recommendations

    I just recently cut the cord and I'm looking to install an attic antenna. Does anyone have any recommendations? I live in the DSM area and I can occasionally pull in ABC with a cheap indoor antenna but I'm hopeful that an attic antenna will pull a better signal. Any input or experiences would...
  14. BillBrasky4Cy

    Patrick Mahomes Declares for the Draft

    Those are some big shoes to fill for a struggling football team. Thoughts?
  15. BillBrasky4Cy

    FS: Selling 2 tickets session 1 in Des Moines

    2 tickets for sale for Session 1 in Des Moines. Section 210 Row D seats 10 and 11. $200 per ticket/$400 for the pair.
  16. BillBrasky4Cy

    FS: Iowa State vs Baylor tickets

    I have 2 tickets for sale for the Baylor game on 9/27. I'm asking $45 per ticket which is face value. The seats are in sec 17 row 42 seats 3 and 4. PM if interested.