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    Ian Parker

    ...or is it?
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    Williams & Blum Pod: Time to engage

    Re: UCLA -vs- The Midwest Those Bruin podcast bros fell for one of the three classic blunders: Never get involved in a land war in Asia Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line Never fan the flames of a college sports debate when Blum is in the room
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    Arch Manning commits to Texas

    I have hot takes too; maybe the kid is just a huge McConaughey fan. ‍
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    National anthem singer's College World Series performance canceled for Horns Down gesture

    Dear Bevo, please never change. It’s so much fun and so easy to hate on you. Signed, Literally everybody who didn’t attend UT.
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    Jamison Patton Commits
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    Which fast food restaurant gives you the worst poops?

    I feel we need a definition of “worst” to accurately answer. Are we talking splashback potential (@Daphne will have some thoughts), density, mass/volume, duration?
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    Tyrese Hunter Entering the Transfer Portal - NIL Speculation

    "My visits to Knoxville, Purdue, and Spokane were great, really great programs, I like their coaches, their culture, I could fit in great with their style of ball. My buddy visited Austin and Lawrence though. He said you just trip over large bags of cash while walking down the sidewalk. So I'm...
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    Zodiac Killer identified!

    Heh, this isn’t a knock on you, but you gotta love the classic “I solved the riddle but I can’t tell you until you buy my book/movie/self-help seminar” strategy.
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    RECRUITING: Osun Osunniyi commits

    Yes, Osun's past production fills an obvious need. Though a player is never recruited over; they are merely challenged with more competition. Come conference play, the players that have proven themselves the most will be playing the most.
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    Tyrese Hunter Entering the Transfer Portal - NIL Speculation

    On a related not, imagine how high the KU student body was on that fateful night in 1886 when a geology professor suggested they holler out "Rock Chalk Jayhawk" instead of "Rah Rah Jayhawk". And everyone thought it was a grand idea.
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    Tyrese Hunter Entering the Transfer Portal - NIL Speculation

    Every time I read "EMAW" my brain hears a donkey braying. And I think that's a pretty accurate characterization.
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    Patreon or Premium

    *Edit* “What he said ⬆️.” There were a few more apparent differences when it first launched early in the pandemic, but the most important difference with Patreon is simply that it offers the premium intel from C-Dub outside the message boards (straight to your inbox), for all those more sane...
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    Football Parking

    C1/C2! For those without an RV, per capacity, it’s the lot with the highest odds to get a spot with ample amounts of sidewalk and grass space to sprawl out in and play games. And if exit efficiency is a selling point, you don’t have to fight the droves of pedestrians leaving JTS.
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    Otzelbergerballcamps available now

    TJ sternly looks on, already disapproving of your 9th grader’s lack of hustle. Your kid may start, but he'll be benched before the first media break.
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    Looking forward to seeing where Brock Purdy ends up-...

    Mr. Effin Irrelevant. I love it! He got his name called, and actually a pretty damn good spot for Brock to make the final roster.
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    All Newly Declared Jets Fans

    I don't like your condescending tone toward the Turkey. WT 101 is all a man needs in his life (and all of the Master Keeps too).
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    Charlie Kolar selected by Ravens

    Ravens are going to be stacked this year with 4th rounders (6 picks!). Thankfully they took Charlie before their next pick, a punter. Charlie getting drafted after a punter would just be silly.
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    Charlie Weis read KU FBall Message Boards

    Eggplant react to this post if you are Mac. Useful react if you are Gene Chizik. Wow react if you are Rhoads. Dumb react if you are Rhodes.
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    Tyrese Hunter Entering the Transfer Portal - NIL Speculation

    Uhh...I think you had most of us until the final sentence. Attending a school, even for a year, is exactly where college fandom originates. College athletes are one of "us", if not moreso as they represent the university to a national audience. Obviously not trying to get the cart in front of...