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  1. TXCyclones

    Prediction for USC/UCLA postmortem.

    Hard disagree here. The ACC payout is paltry and nearly half of SEC/B1G payout (actually $32M vs $54M currently). SEC's annual is climbing while ACC's is locked for 12 more years. ACC simply made a crappy deal. Clemson, Miami, FSU could easily jump to SEC, and a couple others to B1G and make...
  2. TXCyclones

    USC/UCLA to the Big Ten in 24?

    The 64-team super conference seems to be dead. If that were going to be a real thing I don't think you'd see B1G/SEC poaching still as they'd simply sit back and dictate the draft of who gets in.
  3. TXCyclones

    In Memoriam: Ames Business/Restaurants

    The Hallway was down by JCPenneys directly across from where the toy store (KB Toys?) was.
  4. TXCyclones

    Next Big 12 Commissioner? - Brett Yormark (Roc Nation)

    He cannot do worse than the prior two commissioners; "industry guys" who let Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma, aTm, Mizzou, and Colorado erode from under their feet. It's time to get in front of this and bludgeon ESPN, which I think is where Yormark will thrive.
  5. TXCyclones

    Brands of Gas

    Except for additives all gas is the same and traded between brands.
  6. TXCyclones

    Dumb Thread of the Day - Broken Finger

    Not anymore. The break was reset when it happened, but the "mallet finger" won't straighten.
  7. TXCyclones

    Dumb Thread of the Day - Broken Finger

    In a freak/fluke accident a couple days ago I have broken a finger. It's not the first time I've broken a finger, but it's the first time it's done this after doing so. I can bend it back straight but it won't stay there and goes back to this 90-degree. I can make a fist, but when I unfold it...
  8. TXCyclones

    Math Questions

    If the $16,000 is compounded DAILY at 7% you're going to have one hell of a lot more than $140,103.39. In fact, if it's compounded DAILY you'll pass $140k on day 32. You'd have nearly $850 TRILLION after just one year.
  9. TXCyclones

    JTS Improvements - Want More

    Bathrooms/shower house facility.
  10. TXCyclones

    Ancient DNA Solves Mystery Over Origin of Medieval Black Death

    Pretty interesting findings. It had been hypothesized for decades that the Black Plague originated in China, but that has now been disproven.
  11. TXCyclones

    Which Streaming Services Do You Subscribe?

    I watched the first two seasons and loved it. Started season 3 and only got about half way through and it lost my interest. But if you like Dark then check out Shining Girls on AppleTV.
  12. TXCyclones

    Which Streaming Services Do You Subscribe?

    Aside from streaming "cable" services (like YouTubeTV, Sling, etc), which subscription streaming services do you subscribe to? If you were to rank them, which would be in your top 3? Any gems that we're missing out on?
  13. TXCyclones

    Movie Night. Do You Choose A or B?

    30 hours of movies is a LONG night! (A) but not eating a single Reece's Pieces :confused:
  14. TXCyclones

    Anything good on Prime video?

    Your description of Netflix is exactly how I feel about Hulu, except for the "has some good stuff" part. If it weren't for Handmaids Tale and Letterkenny I'd never access that app.
  15. TXCyclones

    Severance on Apple+

    I just finished "Shining Girls" on Apple+ and it was very good! I think there's only the one season (8 episodes), but it was excellent. The first episode wasn't over engaging, but give it a chance and go to episode 2 & 3.
  16. TXCyclones

    Anything good on Prime video?

    As far as Prime, I really like The Boyz. But be prepared, it's very crass. I am really impressed by how viscerally I loathe some of the characters. Simply very well written and acted. (btw - if you like the anti-hero aspect check out Brightburn, which is an older movie but very good)...
  17. TXCyclones

    2022 Stock Market

  18. TXCyclones

    2022 Stock Market

    Does that affect which way the market is going to move? Aside from that, he wasn’t in any kind of sex rehab.