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  1. CyStorm

    Privately Selling a Motorcycle: What do I need to know?

    I am looking for some insight on the intricacies of selling a motorcycle privately. I have a 07 Honda CBR 600 that I used in Ames when I was at Iowa State, but since graduating and leaving Ames in May I have no more use for it. I would like to try selling it privately as I should be able to...
  2. CyStorm

    QB Play

    Sammy Football came to play today IMO. He made some good reads and checked down when he needed to. The one INT was kind of a crazy 1 in a hundred play which he shouldn't be responsible for. He didn't try to force too much and when he took some shots down field his balls were pretty accurate...
  3. CyStorm

    Campus Town Area Houses For Rent

    Hey Fanatics, My friends and I are looking for houses in the campus town area for Fall '14. We are looking for a 3-5 bedroom house. I am struggling to find information on a lot of the houses on streets such as Knapp, Lynn, Stanton, Welch, Hayward, etc. I have been looking on a lot of the...
  4. CyStorm

    Rashad Vaughn - Not going to ISU

    Hey Fellas, I was told that Rashad Vaughn is coming on a visit to the basketball game this Saturday against Baylor. If you don't know, hes the number 10 recruit in the country for 2014 and I was told to have people make signs for him and try to get him to commit here. Do whatever you can...
  5. CyStorm

    4th of July Traditions

    I'm sitting here on fanatic because I have to work in the early morning, but excited to get off work tomorrow at noon and head out onto West Lake Okoboji for the 4th and I realized that every 4th of July in memory has been spent the exact same way. On West Boji in Millers Bay with friends and...
  6. CyStorm

    Uniform thread - New style

    Saw a tweet and a design that I haven't seen before. I know nothing about the source, but just thought I'd share it. Pretty cool
  7. CyStorm

    Housing Advice Please

    Acceptance later came about 3 months ago. I am down to Larch and Friley to room during Fall 10 and maybe Spring 11. What do you guys think? P.S. I am also thinking I am gonna play the lottery and get random roommate. What's the success rate on that? lol so basically: Larch or Friley?
  8. CyStorm

    Team Chemistry

    At about 6:00 Minutes left in the second half of the Duke game, Diante Garrett threw a pass that was intercepted by Scheyer (#30) and then brought all the way to the opposite basket nearly uncontested and Scheyer layed it in and was fouled by Garrett. During the play only 2 of Iowa State players...
  9. CyStorm

    Clifford Morgan

    I found this while wandering the internet, and found it kind of interesting. He is listed as a 6'4" WR on this site yet i thought that he was a DB at around 6'1"... interesting Q&A: Clifford Morgan Clifford Morgan - Yahoo! Sports
  10. CyStorm

    TSX picks Minnesota TSX Picks the Insight Bowl
  11. CyStorm

    New Commit - Commitments piling up for Cyclones
  12. CyStorm

    Recovery of Benton

    CPR - "Ter'ran Benton is practicing and practicing very well. He's running around and doing everything that we're doing as a football team. It will be exciting to have him back in uniform." That is nice to hear. It would be a great boost to have him back in the line up. I wonder if he would...
  13. CyStorm

    Anyone know why...

    the Sioux City Journal does not have the Iowa State game listed as being televised? It instead lists the Ohio State game at 2:30. I was sure I saw the coverage map of ABC and I was in the ISU part, but I'd hate for wires to be crossed and find Terrelle Pryor on my big screen. :skeptical:
  14. CyStorm

    Cyclone Nation. Rejoice!

    Amazing job by our boys in cardinal and gold. Big strides. This is an amazing feat to come into Memorial Stadium and WIN. 5-3! What is the record for turnovers in a game and turnover margin? :yes::yes::notworthy::notworthy:
  15. CyStorm

    We Can Play With Anyone

    After seeing today's game against Kansas I have decided that we can play with anyone we have remaining on our schedule. For two weeks in a row our team has come out strong and haven't been flat since the Iowa game. I thnk there is still hope for our season. Just gotta believe :smile:
  16. CyStorm

    Just curious about..

    James White. Haven't heard anything about him for a long time. Is he around still? James White - Football Recruiting