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  1. cycloneworld

    The future of NIL?

    Pretty genius idea. People can donate to a non-profit entity which will arrange and pay for athletes for appearances. An indirect way for fans to pay student athletes. Wonder if ISU could take advantage of something like this.
  2. cycloneworld

    Jury Duty

    I’m sitting in the courthouse waiting, waiting, waiting for something to happen after checking in for jury duty this morning. This is my first time ever having to report so no idea what to expect. I’m swamped at work so I’m hoping not to get picked. But also intrigued by the idea of sitting on...
  3. cycloneworld

    Highest Rated Bowl Game

    Last night’s Cheez-It Bowl is the highest rated bowl to date. Big numbers for a Wednesday afternoon/early evening. Also, highest rating that that game in 8 years. Yeah we lost but great exposure for ISU football.
  4. cycloneworld

    By the numbers - not winning in the margins

    Sobering stats. Basically turnovers and special teams are the reasons why we are 2-2 and not 3-1 or 4-0.
  5. cycloneworld

    FS: 2 Ryder Cup Tickets - Wednesday Practice Round

    I have two Wednesday practice round tickets for the Ryder Cup on September 22 at Whistling Straights in Haven, Wisconsin. Paid $70 each with fees, selling for $40 each. Shoot me a message if interested.
  6. cycloneworld

    College Football’s Overachievers - ISU #1

    Cool article from The Athletic with good analysis on recruiting vs. performance. (Subscription required). Spoiler alert: Iowa State is #1, Iowa is #2...
  7. cycloneworld

    If you could only eat at 1 fast food restaurant...

    If you could only eat at one fast food restaurant for the rest of your life, what would it be? Go. For me, Popeyes.
  8. cycloneworld

    The Athletic Big 12 2021-22 Rankings

    Really good article if you have a subscription. Very in-depth on every team. Spoiler: They have ISU last but said they could justify them up to 6th...
  9. cycloneworld

    Are you rooting for Drake in the NCAA Tournament?

    I am, its always good to have a rooting interest for someone in the Tournament. What about everyone else? Or have you adopted another team?
  10. cycloneworld

    2020-2021 Season in one sentence

    Describe this season in one sentence. Go.
  11. cycloneworld

    Fiesta Bowl most watched ISU game in history? Almost 7 million people watched ISU/Oregon. Not bad for a mid-afternoon kick. Is this the most watched ISU game in history? Big 12 Championship game had about 3 million viewers so I’d guess this has to be the most eyeballs ever on an Iowa State football game, by far.
  12. cycloneworld

    NET Rankings

    I know its early and NET rankings aren't perfect but we come in at #204 in the second version of the NET rankings (up from #209!) behind powerhouses like California Baptist, Ball State, Holy Cross, Sacramento State, and many, many others...
  13. cycloneworld

    Annual Matt Campbell in demand - 2020 version

    As expected, Campbell's name is on nearly every potential major coaching opening. Could Campbell leave this year, anything is possible. But it's fun watching national writers throw out his name for openings that he wouldn't even take a phone call from. If Campbell wasn't interested in...
  14. cycloneworld

    Hakeem Butler Cut

    Surprising. Hope he lands somewhere else.
  15. cycloneworld

    Newspapers compared to other media

    We hear over and over and over "subscribe to your local newspaper", "support local journalism", "content isn't free!" from many media folks. I get it, they want people to pay for their content. Serious question - why are they different from other forms of media that make the free model work...
  16. cycloneworld

    Can we put this to bed?

    That fans that are critical of this team and this coach are somehow rooting for the team to lose or are lesser fans? The crowd at the game was locked, loaded, and ready to explode if given the opportunity by this team. 14,000+ to watch a 7-6 team that got blown out by its rival and lost to a...
  17. cycloneworld

    Alex Golesh to UCF

    Randy Peterson reporting Alex Golesh leaving ISU to be the OC at UCF. Tough loss for us. But you can never blame someone for taking a big promotion in college football.
  18. cycloneworld

    Special Announcement?

    Any ideas?
  19. cycloneworld

    Did we underachieve? Meet expectations?

    I've been thinking a lot about how many players within the program are playing pro ball. And now several NBA contracts. Guys playing pro ball oversees: Babb, McGee, Ejim, Matt Thomas, McKay Guys with actual NBA contracts: Niang, Morris, Nader Guys with 2-way contracts: Naz, Burton We...
  20. cycloneworld

    NFL: Gruden to the Raiders for $100 million