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  1. joefrog

    Hayes Gibson question

    I think Dennis Gibson's father played at ISU in the 1950s.
  2. joefrog

    Jimbo Fisher unloads on Saban

    Knew a recruit that visited Alabama and had a scholarship offer. He said they didn't even bother showing him Campus or have him meet with any faculty. Just showed him all the football facilities. I mean, at that point, what's the difference? Sounds like Saban is just mad that the playing field...
  3. joefrog

    RECRUITING: Osun Osunniyi commits

    Jones seems like a great teammate and an ideal role player. He always had great energy and effort.
  4. joefrog

    RECRUITING: Osun Osunniyi commits

    Iowa State game quote for every team next year: "I didn't even comb my hair today," said Iowa State guard Michael Nurse, "because I knew it would be a dogfight."
  5. joefrog

    Gabe Kalscheur officially back for next year

    Tournament Gabe was awesome. Need your upperclassmen to buy-in. Defense travels, and if he can keep to that midrange magic, he'll be a huge plus.
  6. joefrog

    NFL: Kansas City Chiefs Thread

    KC has had a fantastic offseason. Sign Sheldon Richardson and Melvin Ingram and they are clearly SB favorites. They are managing the cap well. Draft filled holes and also gave them roster flexibility moving forward. I think Rose makes practice squad at least.
  7. joefrog

    Lake Of the Ozarks after Labor Day

    Pretty sure they keep things rather open into October at least. A lot of Mizzou students have functions and events down there during the school year, so I think you'll be fine.
  8. joefrog

    ***2022 Minnesota Vikings***

    I really like the new Vikings coach. I cannot understand what the Vikings think they were doing with this draft. Easily a D grade at best.
  9. joefrog

    ***2022 Minnesota Vikings***

    Not many difference makers to be found in those rounds.
  10. joefrog

    ***2022 Minnesota Vikings***

    Look at last year's Vikings draft. Kene and ISM were actually good picks. Other than that? Sheesh.
  11. joefrog

    ***2022 Minnesota Vikings***

    They could have had Kolar and Enyi and both would contribute. Better pick Rose with one of those new picks.
  12. joefrog

    ***2022 Minnesota Vikings***

    Evans is a very good pick there at CB. Let's hope they take TE Kolar with their upcoming pick.
  13. joefrog

    Eyioma Uwazurike drafted by Denver

    Very happy for him. As a Chiefs fan though, I don't like it. Would have liked to see the Vikings grab him.
  14. joefrog

    Tyrese Hunter Entering the Transfer Portal - NIL Speculation

    I find it funny that today, when a college education has never been more expensive, is the moment when athletes need not only that for free, but be paid. When my dad was on a football scholarship at ISU, he had to go to classes, practices, and hold down a job washing dishes as part of his...
  15. joefrog

    Audi Crooks commits to Iowa State

    I know someone that is close with her and the family. They are equally impressed with her as a person as much as an athlete. And she is a competitor. Small school? She does just fine in AAU. Also, can you imagine an ISU team with a post presence and depth where when she is out ISU goes to a...
  16. joefrog

    Audi Crooks commits to Iowa State

    This is great news. She's a wonderful young lady and teammate. She is exactly what ISU needs as far as a lane presence.
  17. joefrog

    RECRUITING: Temple transfer Jeremiah Williams commits to Iowa State

    Probably depends on matchups. Gabe is gonna improve his shooting in the offseason, or at least realize his midrange shot is his best. Versatility and matchups is what wins games that matter.
  18. joefrog

    RECRUITING: Temple transfer Jeremiah Williams commits to Iowa State

    This is a fantastic addition to the roster. Can probably play and guard 1-3. His balanced stat line is great, shows effort and understanding. Lipsey is still gonna get his minutes, this also gives ISU a chance to just run. 3 capable PGs on a roster? Matchup defense? Hello fun and stun...
  19. joefrog

    MJ Gaitan commits to ISU

    Great news! Welcome MJ! Isn't this a perfect weight for practicing against Carr?
  20. joefrog

    FERGUSON: Joens' return sets sky-high expectations for Iowa State in 2022-23 season

    Our posts don't need to be able to run if you get caught up in slugfests. Slugfests are where ISU gets in trouble with matchups. Clinging to that excuse will also secure our ceiling as a Sweet 16 level program. Adapt to how physical they let teams play or keep making excuses.