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  1. acoustimac

    SI: College Football Leaders moving to cancel season

    I hunk the big diff is they have more control over students on campus and they aren’t forced to have the level of contact football would require.
  2. acoustimac

    Bridget & the Minnesota Lynx

    She has clearly shown she belongs. What an amazing athlete!
  3. acoustimac

    What about an ISU vs Iowa bowl game

    No thank you
  4. acoustimac

    WBB: Damning Report in USA Today on Texas Tech's Marlene Stollings another article And another former great program down in the dumps
  5. acoustimac

    WBB: Damning Report in USA Today on Texas Tech's Marlene Stollings

    There was a track record for her assistant (who she was an assistant for) in New Mexico (which they conveniently have left off their bios). This is crazy stuff.
  6. acoustimac

    Ouch, Coach Patterson ...

    Every news article about it is gone.
  7. acoustimac

    WBB: Q&A with Chelsea Poppens Wednesday

    What I will always remember about Pop was her free throw shooting. Her fresh and soph years it was like watching a brick layer convention. She kept working at it and her senior year she was money at the line. Hard work yields good results
  8. acoustimac

    This Coming Season Vs. Next Season Vs. Down-The-Road

    We have multiple options this year for PG. I suspect it will end up in the hands of a freshman.
  9. acoustimac

    Worst ISU Football Team You've Watched

    the 80’s. Pick one.
  10. acoustimac

    Best ISU Football Team You've Watched

    The run from 76, 77, and 78 was the best years ever of ISU football.
  11. acoustimac

    Best ISU Football Team You've Watched

    No doubt in my mind. 1977 Cyclones. Best defense led by Boskey and Stensrud and a grind it out offense behind Dexter Green. I’ve never seen anything like it since. Even our recent teams die n second to this group.
  12. acoustimac

    Newcomers updated height, weight, and numbers

    Strangely, when I read the topic line I thought to are collecting information on new Fanatic members?
  13. acoustimac

    The freshmen are on campus!

    Let's try to be positive and optimistic! We are due!
  14. acoustimac

    Redskins Yes or no

    Should have been changed a long time ago...
  15. acoustimac

    The freshmen are on campus!

    The most highly touted recruiting class in school history has arrived. Hoping they have a season to showcase their talents! Nice video.
  16. acoustimac

    Wadley in playing at Iowa

    i scanned for a thread and didn’t see one. Thanks
  17. acoustimac

    Wadley in playing at Iowa

    It was a living nightmare...
  18. acoustimac

    Clemson and virus!
  19. acoustimac

    I State flag

    Thanks for the quick help. Here’s the one I picked up.
  20. acoustimac

    Iowa's Doyle transfers to Baylor