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  1. Cydkar

    Iowa Football Recruiting

    So many losers on both sides.
  2. Cydkar

    You Going to See Top Gun: Maverick?

    I never met him. Is he a meanie?
  3. Cydkar

    Miller and Condon

    This is how I felt when fantasy football talk was all the rage. It's all unlistenable. That's what 99% of the people who call into sports radio shows deserve, frankly.
  4. Cydkar

    Fran McCaffery and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Transfer Portal

    It wasn't a horrible draw either. You can't lay an egg and then call it a horrible draw.
  5. Cydkar

    Miller and Condon

    I think Ross is better than CW on the radio.
  6. Cydkar

    Miller and Condon

    This. I never listen to the radio.
  7. Cydkar

    Craig McDonald lands at Auburn

    No doubt. Did Craig bang all of your blow-up dolls?
  8. Cydkar

    Tough day for EIU hoops hopes

    Their current wealth status is irrelevant.
  9. Cydkar

    AJ Green in the Portal

  10. Cydkar

    AJ Green in the Portal

    You spelled "stupid" incorrectly.
  11. Cydkar

    AJ Green in the Portal

    I have kids. Both attended and graduated from college fairly recently. You are stupid.
  12. Cydkar

    Ozark on Netflix

    This has to be an effort to be funny.
  13. Cydkar

    Lake Of the Ozarks after Labor Day

    People come to Iowa for that
  14. Cydkar

    Aubrey Joens Transferring

    ...and she didn't go to Iowa. OU women's basketball isn't really a hot button for the student section.
  15. Cydkar

    Craig McDonald transferring

    Will never happen.
  16. Cydkar

    Craig McDonald transferring

    Still dumb. There’s always something dumber on Twitter.
  17. Cydkar

    WR Kai Black

    My point was to ridicule a definitive statement by somebody who wouldn't know. I don't care who actually is #1 since it's opinion anyway.
  18. Cydkar

    WR Kai Black

    Have you watched all the OL play?
  19. Cydkar

    Tyrese Hunter Entering the Transfer Portal - NIL Speculation

    2-0 last season against them.
  20. Cydkar

    STANZ: Thoughts on Tyrese Hunter's transfer, ISU and an NIL collective and more

    His tax liability will be less than what he earns. He will be fine.