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    Thoughts on B12 Future

    So much of a teams success hinges on solid QB play. With a majority of the conference bringing back proven signal-callers we should see further escalation of parity. Going to be a bunch of down-to-the-wire type games. As fans, we will probably enjoy the circus atmosphere every week but...
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    STAFF PICKS: Iowa State vs. TCU

    Love the outlook in this thread. Lots of sunshine will be spread on the boards tomorrow. ISU has proven they can respond over the last 2yrs. Hard to predict points being scored in the game given last 2 games in series and possible weather. However, ISU gets it rolling in October AGAIN...
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    *** Official Louisiana-Monroe VS IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    All the smart $ on Monroe and the points L.O.L. ROLL CLONES! DOUBLE NICKEL
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    2nd recruiting weekend vs Iowa & Game Day

    Likely the Cuban kid.
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    Gameday Sign Ideas

    Pic - Mad Fran Caption - Brian Ferentz spirit animal
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    Gameday Sign Ideas

    "Purdy" "not purdy" signs Brock and hawk belly tattoo guy
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    Gameday Sign Ideas

    (A)nother (H)armon (F)umble
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    2019 Wrestling Nationals

    Go get that Ice cream!
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    Iowa wrestling meet

    AG getting a win over Desanto would be very impressive. He is clearly a confident kid who believes he will win. Looking forward to this match and the turning point for ISU wrestling. Big opportunity for individuals and the team.
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    Submit Your Questions for the 10/17 Mid-Week Mailbag

    Is 15hrs in a Vegas sportsbook too much for a CFB Saturday?
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    Pack the Jack!

    Suprised to see it open at 4.5. Will be in LV next weekend and looking fwd to placing a moneyline bet on the clones!
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    Pack the Jack!

    ISU +7(.5), i wiill be suprised if it isnt exactly that
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    What's your bold take for the season?

    Kyle.K is referred to as keke by ISU fans after winning the bowl game on final drive, concluding a program record 10-win season. He loves ISU and fans want him to say he will never ever leave. ISU D sets school record for INT
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    Aren't you glad you play SDSU instead of NDSU?

    Playing a lesser team to open the season offers some comfort. NDSU would bring a good team but ISU beat TWO top 5 teams last yr. Nothing about the absence of ndsu on the scedule to be "overcome with joy". I mean, the aren't Alabama or the Eagles. Good luck being the best d2 team in the country.
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    Optimism for Okie State matchup

    Should have said "last week's result doesn't change that". This team fought as much or more last week than the previous 4.
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    Optimism for Okie State matchup

    ISU football has been resilient all year, last week does not change that. This team and these Seniors won't be denied on Saturday. Despite being a TD underdog, a DD loss would surprise me more than a DD win. Senior day for this team is gonna be great.
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    Joel Lanning Sayings

    Joel Lanning recorded a TFL on Bo Jackson... in the Tecmo Bowl.
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    TCU -6.5

    Top 5 going down!
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    Kempt is great...but....

    This team is about more than the starting QB. Park has more ability but that isn't the only measuring stick for a QB. It's up to the coaches to blend Lanning into his role at the appropriate times and put Kempt into successful situations. Sitting behind the ISU bench during the Texas game...