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  1. cycloneML

    How many Big 10 Schools have a weird sex scandal?

    Penn State Michigan State tOhio State Michigan
  2. cycloneML

    Surly I assume it’s time to rank the league this morning

    Because you know what happened in Manhattan last night
  3. cycloneML

    Les Miles is not okay

  4. cycloneML

    One of site's writers wrote 2-3 weeks ago that upcoming stretch was most important of Prohm's career
  5. cycloneML

    Sherri Coale vs Kim Mulkey

    who ya gonna choose and why?
  6. cycloneML

    Are Will Grier and Chris Williams the same person?

    have we ever seen them standing next to one another?
  7. cycloneML

    How does this end?

    Do we beat Texas? Do we make it to Big 12 Championship game? Do we make it to NY6 bowl? Does Campbell sign a new deal?
  8. cycloneML

    Dear Chris

    Thank you for publishing staff picks earlier in the week. Friday am is ideal! Sincerely, CycloneML
  9. cycloneML

    Clear path to B12 Champ Game

    win out and WVU stumbles once vs their tough remaining schedule and we’re in, based on my Math 150 skills
  10. cycloneML

    2 questions. Please and thank you

    1) what is uni combo for Saturday? 2) what time is kickoff vs KU?
  11. cycloneML

    We're knocking on door of ESPN Bottom Ten
  12. cycloneML

    Hurricane Florence will assist us in finding 12th Opponent

    look for games to be canceled along the mid Atlantic this weekend. We will reschedule with one of those teams later this fall.
  13. cycloneML

    The Top 5 ISU players ever at the Jack

    How about top 5 ISU players ever at the Jack?
  14. cycloneML

    Are all of the heartbreaking losses under McCarney and Rhoads

    more palatable now that we believe they ultimately led us to the Campbell regime?
  15. cycloneML

    Where did Donovan Jackson land?

  16. cycloneML

    If you’re an AD, is TJ Otz on your short list?

    Good year for him.
  17. cycloneML

    Where is Surly? Let’s discuss Bruce

    KSU was primed to finish strong over 2 mediocre teams and they fell flat. My wildcat buddies are discouraged. Thoughts?
  18. cycloneML

    Will there be a final poll and will we be ranked?

    will we sneak in after beating #18?
  19. cycloneML

    Why do you suppose Chizik never got another head coaching gig?

    was it the way he failed after the championship year or did he lose interest?