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  1. bostrem00

    WTB: 1 Ticket - Session 2 - Milwaukee

    Looking for 1 ticket for session 2 on Friday night from an ISU fan who may have an extra. Not particular on location, just looking for a fair price compared to what’s out on the secondary market sites.
  2. bostrem00

    Phone Upgrade: The Decision

    My contract is coming due with US Cellular on my Galaxy S3 next week. After reading reviews on the current iPhones and the upcoming Galaxy S6, its hard to discern which way to lean. Does the iPhone 6 hold its own against Galaxy? And is it worth moving up to the 6 Plus?
  3. bostrem00

    FS: 1 Ticket for the West Virginia game

    I got 1 hillside ticket for sale, in the Des Moines area.
  4. bostrem00


    Does anyone know if there is a Kickstarter site for the buyout yet? If not I'd be more than willing to start one up.
  5. bostrem00

    National issue finally surfaces in the NFL.....

    Marvez: Dolphins tackle who went AWOL was victim of bullying by teammates - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN I bet nobody who clicked on this thread thought it would be about..... bullying :biglaugh:
  6. bostrem00

    B1G Commercial

    Is it just me or does anyone else find themselves scratching their head when the B1G commercial about building legends, shows people like Tom Osborne or Tommie Frazier as a part of Big 10 history....I don't get how they can put them in that conversation since they never coached or played in a...
  7. bostrem00

    NFL: TG-Tough Guy hall of fame nominee

    I don't think I could last that long with a broken arm....Redskins long snapper plays with broken arm | The Daily Times |
  8. bostrem00

    Heads are starting to roll in the Big 10....

    Can you really fire a brand new coach 2 games in? Wisconsin Badgers fire offensive line coach Mike Markuson, reports say - ESPN
  9. bostrem00

    So...the NCAA doesn't really enforce the academic eligibility status of the athletes.

  10. bostrem00

    Potential Transfer of Interest

    Keith Murphy ‏ @MurphyKeith Drake just confirmed Register report: Rayvonte Rice is transferring. Partial :jimlad: He is transferring though....
  11. bostrem00

    Shabazz Napier Game winner 2/20/12 - UConn's Shabazz Napier game-winner against Villanova - YouTube :shocked: #onions
  12. bostrem00

    ISU Daily's OP of the behavior at the Mizzou game

    Bruning: Missouri game lacked sportsmanship - Iowa State Daily: Opinion I thought the chew bottle incident would be in it, but it was noticeably absent from the opinion article....This article is a headscratcher....:huh:
  13. bostrem00

    The Rag is at it again....

    Rhoads’ brother misses Cyclones’ stunning victory | Des Moines Register Staff Blogs No mention of Saul anywhere....Disappointing, terrible journalism :jimlad::biglaugh:
  14. bostrem00

    Billy Kennedy

    @ChuckCarltonDMN Chuck Carlton Texas A&M announces that new men's basketball coach Billy Kennedy diagnosed with early stage of Parkinson’s disease. 3 minutes ago via TweetDeck
  15. bostrem00

    Feldman suspended by ESPN...

    Bruce Feldman was suspended for helping Mike Leach with his book....#turrible ESPN Suspends Bruce Feldman Indefinitely, Apparently Over Mike Leach Book -
  16. bostrem00

    Adidas Mock Turtleneck

    Does Adidas still make these mock turtleneck that LE wore when he roamed the sidelines in Ames and if so, where could I find one?
  17. bostrem00

    MLB: ESPN MLB Coverage

    Is anyone else annoyed seeing the Phillies play on ESPN seemingly all the time? I swear it seems they have at least 2 games/week on the 4 letter network....
  18. bostrem00


    Sources: Rubio, T'wolves reach deal - NBA - Yahoo! Sports T-Wolves to the Finals, you heard it here first! :yes:
  19. bostrem00

    Big heads in the student section.....

    Has anyone ever had one of those big head shots use for holding it up at the basketball games, and if so, where do you go to have one made?