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    State Wrestling Tourney

    Wow Mason City junior Cullan Schriever had to injury default out of his semifinal match, ending his quest for 4 state titles. What a shame. Kid is really good.
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    My 2018 NFL mock drafts

    Only Cleveland would screw this up by wasting the number one overall pick on guys dripping bust potential like Allen or Mayfield.
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    NFL: Offseason Thread

    If Denver is out of the running, I'm not going to shed any tears. Cousins is a good QB and I would have been fine with it if Elway lands him...but he's not worth that kind of money and cap issues. I'll take my chances with Case Keenum and better cap flexibility.
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    NFL: Offseason Thread

    The Chiefs got fleeced for Marcus a Broncos fan I enjoyed that.
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    WVU @KU on ESPN

    Meh, another year where KU has the Big 12 refs in their back pockets but then get to the Dance where its called right down the middle with no agendas and they fall on their face. Can't wait.
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    Cyclone Recruits State Tournament Results

    In a perfect world...after the finals wrap up tonight, they would leave the middle championship mat out there and we'd get the Teske-Thomsen rubber match. Now that would be a lot of fun. Both guys will barely a sweat in their match tonight anyways. Just at a different level. Unreal.
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    WDSM, DSM Bars

    Bradley's in West Des Moines. A dive bar without having to deal with all of the downtown BS
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    RECRUITING: THT commits

    Wing, NWB, Shayok, Talley, Lewis, Solo, Lard, Jacobson and the four freshmen...we're going to be absolutely loaded in 2018-19
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    Teske out

    Fort Dodge is building a heck of a pipeline...don't want to burn bridges with an undefeated four-time state champion from that school. Not a good look.
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    Notre Dame @ Texas

    Texas is a team possessed tonight. I'm guessing Texas remembers very well the beating Notre Dame put on them last year. I'm guessing Strong will remind them how embarrassed them last season when we go to Austin.
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    NFL: ***Official 2016 Fantasy Football Thread***

    Yeah I think my old roommate ruined Fantasy for me in the past. He made watching NFL unbearable. He was totally consumed. Yelling at teams to get his guys the ball. Freaking out if a player scored that his opponent had on his team. The worst was when he would openly cheer against the Broncos if...
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    NFL: ***Official 2016 Fantasy Football Thread***

    So after never doing Fantasy Football and being annoyed by it, I got talked into trying it out for a season by some co-workers. The closer we get to our draft and the more I study and prep, I got to admit, I'm getting into this
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    ***2016 NFL Draft Thread***

    This draft is full of overrated quarterbacks who scream bust...and Denver took one in the first round. Elway better be right.
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    RECRUITING: 4-star Kam White names ISU his favorite

    Campbell's recruiting prowess continues to get me more and more excited about the future.
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    ***2016 NFL Off-Season/Free Agency Thread***

    Stupid trade by the Rams. They gave up way too much to pick either Wentz/Goff. I could understand if there was a Cam Newton or Andrew Luck sitting there at number one. If Mariotta pans out, the Titans could be really good in a few years.
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    COLUMN: How Matt Campbell has sucked me right in

    Consider yourself sucked
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    Help and advice on buying houses

    Yeah I checked out the link and was like that is NOT a 400k house
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    Cal and Hawaii opening 2016 FB season...Down Under?

    Not surprised. The PAC 12 has said they want to they want to expand their brand in the Pacific region. Trip of a lifetime for the players.
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    Michael Keaton's fist pump celebration was awesome.
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    Leo nailed that victory speech and walked off stage like a boss.