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    Craig McDonald transferring

    Any chance he stays? Seems like a rash decision Also needed to enter the portal by today. Would CMC take him back if he changed his mind.
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    Kunc expected to use COVID year, return for second season in Ames

    Great to have him back! Question - not meant to be dig at him. How do you shoot 39% from 3 and then 42% overall. Don't think you see stats like that very often.
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    ***Official 2022 Transfer Thread***

    Go get him!
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    2022 Recruiting/Transfer Class

    Ben Carlson (Wisconsin) is in the portal. We recruited him out of high school. Good height, scorer, rebounder in high school. Would he be a take?
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    ***Official 2022 Transfer Thread***

    Apparently you don't need to be in school to enter the transfer portal.
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    Dimitri Stanley-WR transfer

    To Memphis
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    Big 12 Tournament Guide?

    Arabia Steamboat museum is really cool.
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    1st 2023 commit is....

    Welcome Carson. Looks like a nice recruit. Good size, plays basketball which many of you like. Top 10 rated recruit in the state.
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    Troy Davis in Des Moines

    She's still a babe!
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    R Mason Thomas Commits!

    What else could he say - the reporter put him in a corner. Wouldn't read to much into it. Hope we see him on the field as a Cyclone1
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    All FB coaching rumors and speculation

    Speaking of Nebraska how long will they keep Frost?
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    Hoiberg and Nebraska’s woes continue

    But, but, but ... TJ
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    All FB coaching rumors and speculation

    Oh no! Can't be true!
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    Fiesta Bowl Win and 2021 Season

    Played KState and WVU where they had 75% of their teams out for covid Is this accurate? I keep seeing it repeated. I feel like if they were down that many players the game would have been postponed or cancelled.
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    *** Official IOWA STATE vs #13 Oklahoma Game(Day) Thread ***

    Running play you wanted.
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    *** Official IOWA STATE vs #13 Oklahoma Game(Day) Thread ***

    Who was it that said Rose wasn't playing?
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    FS ISU vs Tx - good seats with seat backs (price reduced)

    Sec 7 row 20 seats 14 and 15 with seat backs $175 each OBO
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    Texas Tech fires FB Coach Matt Wells

    You get fired in your third year with a 5 and 3 record?
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    Freyler and McDonald

    I think the play he is referring to was Datrone.