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    College Search & Visit

    My son is a junior and we start looking at college options. He hasn't had a lot of exposure regarding college planning so far we've only looked at Wisconsin-Madison and of course, U of Minnesota Twin Cities. Plan to go to Iowa State during Spring Break and other schools next year. I think right...
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    Sark’s Contract at Texas Six-year guaranteed contract worth about $34.2 million, longer and more lucrative than Mensa ‘s and Strong’s. The Longhorns also will have two coordinators and a...
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    Getting a Nintendo Switch

    Thinking of getting Nintendo Switch for myself. I am looking for just simple games - I don’t need complicated games especially with complicated controls. I tried to play Star Wars Battlefront with my teenage son and literally had a headache after 30 mins trying to figure out the controls and...
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    Problems at Purdue Fort Wayne WBB Similar to Stollings at Texas Tech. Just unbelievable!
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    If There Is No Big 12 Title Game: We can Be Champs!

    Beat WVU and we might not need to play in Arlington to win the title. In the Big 12, the team leading the regular-season conference standings, based on win percentage...
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    Which Fake Loss was Worse?

    Just for fun - which fake loss was worse? For me, it was 2002 Eddie Robinson Classic - FSU was No. 3 team in the Nation - we were playing in front of national audience and after a bad first quarter, we were toe to toe with them. A win would have taken us to a better bowl than Humanitarian Bowl.
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    Daily Workout Program Instagram/websites

    I am trying to find good website or instagram Account that provides daily workout instructions/programs. Does anyone have experience/suggestions for those websites/pages?
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    How Long Typically Gas Grill Last?

    just wonder from your experience- how long a gas grill can last? Mine is already 15 - we have Charbroil Fiesta - thinking of doing the replacement parts but with the fall approaching, the grills are being discounted heavily or will be so in the next couple of weeks.
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    Anyone with Audi?

    I’m thinking of getting a new car and Audi A4 is one of the cars I am considering. Does anyone have experience with it in terms of reliability and comfort? I don’t plan on getting a brand new one so I want to avoid a situation where I have to make frequent trips to the shop if the car exceeds...
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    Paul Rhoads' First Coaching Staff - Where They Are Now

    Exactly ten years ago today, Iowa State hired Paul Rhoads as the Football Coach replacing Gene Chizik. Just for nostalgia, let's revisit his staff and where they are now Bill Bleil: AHC / TE 2016: OC – Rhode Island; 2017: AHC/OL – Missouri Southern; Since February 2018: AHC/OL – Lamar...
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    Chizik's Coaching Staff - Where Are They Now

    Almost 10 years ago that Chizik left Ames for Auburn so I happened to wonder what happened with his coaching staff. Here's what I find, just for fun.It seems that Becton, Rodgers and Boulware have a nice career trajectory after leaving Ames. 1. Shane Beatty – Asst Director of Football Ops...
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    Are We a Top 25 Team?

    Just wonder whether we’ll get votes to be in Top 25 after this victory? We beat 3 ranked teams, got screwed against 1 and we should have won against the Hawks.
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    Where to Buy Jerseys

    any ideas where to buy our replica football jerseys? I can’t find anything on Cy’s Locker Room.
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    Cost Accounting Books / Textbooks

    Can someone suggest a good Cost Accounting book or textbook to learn cost accounting and its applications? I don't deal with cost accounting in my daily work and it has been awhile since I learned it at school. Any suggestion is appreciated.
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    Water Dripping from Water Dispenser of Refrigerator

    Has anyone ever experienced a problem with the fridge when water keeps on dripping from the water dispenser (not on the floor)? My fridge is ~11 years old and the last couple of months, it has been giving us problems. The water keeps on dripping from the water dispenser. I had replaced the flap...
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    Kids / Youth Hockey

    Does anyone know regarding the playing position assignment for hockey for kids (9-12 years old) is decided usually? Is it based on the skating skills and ability? If that is the case, is the goaltender usually the one with less skating skills?
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    College Recruiting and Management Nothing new but still interesting including the "adviser" suggested players taking certain classes so they flunk the class and becoming ineligible in order to clear the scholarships.
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    Voices from the Stands

    Let's share them!
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    Voices From The Stands - UNI Game

    Anyone has interesting stories when watching the game last night? Let's share them!
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    Transferring Pictures from iphone

    My wife phone has ~1000 photos but when she tried to transfer the pictures to the Laptop, the Laptop only found ~800. We verified that there are 1000 pics. We have googled different ways for the Laptop to recognize the pics and even tried on different laptops. Any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks!