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  1. RedDog

    Tiger's swing

    Surprisingly looks as good as three years ago but will his leg carry him through 72 holes in cool windy conditions?
  2. RedDog

    MLB: Whooo-ooh-ooh-ooh oh.

  3. RedDog

    New commit.

  4. RedDog

    Free Solo on National Geographic Channel for free.

    For those who haven't seen it yet. Starts at 8 central .
  5. RedDog

    Early Cyning Day

    Let the faxing begin.
  6. RedDog

    Hayward Field will be badass.

    Some renderings here.
  7. RedDog

    Marathon Runners Thread

    After a long hiatus I started running about a year ago and have signed up for the Twin Cities Marathon in October. Right now I'm just building up mileage and trying to shed about 10 pounds until June when I start training. The last time I did this I followed a Hal Higdon training program. My...
  8. RedDog

    Defense Optional League vs Bowl Opponents

    So far TT and Okie St are the only teams to allow more yards than it's opponents season ave. South Florida (508) (6.1) Tex Tech allowed (561) (6.8) Utah (418) (5.7), West Virginia allowed (362) (4.5) UCLA (466) (6.4), K State allowed (364) (6.2) Missou (511) (7.2), Texas allowed (390) (5.7)...
  9. RedDog

    Fraschilla vs KU

    An entertaining read.
  10. RedDog

    Misc: Jameel signs with Perth NBL

    Going to Australia. Sorry for no link but I'm in the middle of cooking.
  11. RedDog

    Caleb Chandler commits

    Alex Halsted reports.
  12. RedDog


    Maybe we can score some transfers.
  13. RedDog

    Boykin Arrested

    Charged with striking a police officer in a bar fight.
  14. RedDog

    Supermoon - Blood moon eclipse

    No clouds in Iowa should be a good view.
  15. RedDog

    Intramural sports: greatest team names

    Some of the fun of intramurals was looking at the witty team names. I remember playing against a basketball team named Charred Fetus once.
  16. RedDog

    Cowboys @ Bears

    Been close all game so far.
  17. RedDog

    Coach Dean Smith dies at 83

  18. RedDog

    Ken Pom 10,000 simulations

    I can't link right now but interesting. After running 10,000 simulations here are his top 3 to win/share Big12 title: OU. 33.83% KU. 30.05% ISU. 29.96%