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  1. ISUKyro

    2mil+ / Yr. What would you destroy?

    What would you destroy if given 2mil+ a year without being fired? CSP has ISU Mbb covered. So, if someone paid you that much money to destroy a brand or product, what would you burn to the grown while making bank?
  2. ISUKyro

    Manning fired yet?

    Pick the date that Manning gets the offical notice. It should be about 3 quarters ago.
  3. ISUKyro

    Season Recap video from Athletics Marketing Pretty fun to watch!
  4. ISUKyro

    Predict Time Self Technical

    The score prediction thread is looking good. How about a prediction thread for when Bill Self gets a Technical Foul called against him tomorrow? One vote per account and submissions must be in by tip off. 12:30 1st Half
  5. ISUKyro

    OT: PPT 2010 Question

    Question for the computer nerds on CF! I'm making a power point that uses hyperlinks to go from one area of the presentation to another. Slide to a different slide and back to a home slide if you will. I do not want users to be able to click on a slide and have it go to the next slide like...
  6. ISUKyro

    Woot! ISU Football #9!!!! Well at least we made it onto a list..... I guess :sad:
  7. ISUKyro

    Texas - Iowa State License Plates

    They are now accepting pre-orders for Iowa State license plates for those of us that live in Texas! We need 200 of them pre ordered before they will make them. Just put my money down! Step up Cyclone fans in Texas!!!
  8. ISUKyro

    We suck

    NSFWStrapping Young Lad - You Suck (HQ sound + lyrics!) - YouTube I think I found our intro music for the next home game at JTS :spinny:
  9. ISUKyro

    How in the ($*@!

    2013 NCAA College Football Polls and Rankings for Week 2 - ESPN Am I just really really tired from work today, or does it say Kansas State is still getting votes to be ranked in the USA Today Poll?!?!?! :confused::eek::skeptical:
  10. ISUKyro

    How to read line for baseball

    So looking at my sport app I hate to say i'm not sure what all the numbers mean..... STL -130 CHC T: 7.5 I assume the T: 7.5 is for the total runs in the game. I'm pretty sure the -130 means STL is favored (it hurts to say it but yeah I understand the cards should beat my cubs) But what...
  11. ISUKyro

    Longhorns to CBI?

    Cougars, Longhorns to meet in College Basketball Invitational | Cougars | a blog Several of my friends in Houston pointed me to this blog. Not sure how accurate it is/ will be.
  12. ISUKyro

    Any Streaming for KU game?

    My ESPN is still not showing anything. (all the rest of my cable channels are fine - awesome right?!) Anyone have online feeds to check for the game tonight?
  13. ISUKyro

    Any Good Backgrounds with Basketball Schedules

    Seems like in years past (I may be wrong) I had several backgrounds for my pc for both Men's and Women's basketball that had the schedule of games on it. Checked and really didn't see anything there. Anyone have any backgrounds with the schedule on it made or have a link to some?
  14. ISUKyro

    Good Movie Trailers for Disappointing Movie

    What movie trailers looked really good to you - but let you down when you saw the actual movie? I'll start with: Terminator 4: Salvation - Theatrical Trailer #3 - YouTube Terminator Salvation.
  15. ISUKyro

    Oklahoma Hit Tape is out....

    Gameday Central Hit Tape vs. Oklahoma - YouTube I like it....
  16. ISUKyro

    SATA to eSATA question

    Calling CF tech gods again: My question is this. If I get power to an internal hard drive, is there a cord that I can buy that would go from SATA (which plugs into the motherboard) to eSATA which I have on my laptop? Or would that even work at all? Mostly want to see if I can still get...
  17. ISUKyro

    The SEC is weak

    ......... just following through on a promise in another thread. But come on, they hired Chizit they must be weak!
  18. ISUKyro

    HDMI reciver question

    Ok, we have a ton of audio/ video geek on board and maybe they can help. I love my TV, but it only has 1 HDMI input on it. I really want to upgrade my home audio receiver as the old one is about 8 years old. So I'm looking at different receivers online and reading customer reviews. While...
  19. ISUKyro

    NSCR: They'll be turning right.....

    Well it doesn't happen often but for those that use the excuse that they never turn right this is your chance to watch a road race. This SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY the Sprint Cup will be at Infineon Raceway, a 1.99mile track and it's not an oval! Qualifying is underway on SPEED channel now.
  20. ISUKyro

    Firefox not remembering....

    Hey all - got a Firefox question. I have had this for a bit now and it's getting old. Firefox is not remembering my log in name for any website. Like if I leave CF for 2 mins and come back and doesn't remember me. IE still works fine, just don't like IE any ideas what setting may be messed up?