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  1. drmwevr08

    ***2022 Minnesota Vikings***

    I really wanted to post of a clip with Elanor trying to remember his name and failing miserably but can't find one.
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    Name a random player from the past

    Wade Lookingbill pumpfake master
  3. drmwevr08

    NBA: 2022 NBA Playoffs

    woof, what a terrible game 7 effort from Milwaukee and Phx. Phx probably going to have to retool, Bucks are good I think and probably could have won with their #2 healthy. PHX problem is they have a #2 that they thought was a number 1.
  4. drmwevr08

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Traumatized kids? Really?
  5. drmwevr08

    NBA: 2022 NBA Playoffs

    Looks like the east winner will be the winner as of now. GS and PHX stink periodically and neither team playing them looks as good as Miami Boston or Milwaukee. If Phila signs Harden, they are done. I'd pay him to go away if I had to.
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    Hell a tweet from Elon Musk can make the market nutty.
  7. drmwevr08

    ***2022 Minnesota Vikings***

    Damn it. Probably a stupid Cardinals game on here instead.
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    The problem is it acts like both. Also, it can be manipulated, which isn't different from money but makes it less good at its supposed intended task.
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    Iowa Beers Release/Distribution Thread

    This would attract me frankly. Enough IPA everywhere else!
  10. drmwevr08

    Tyrese Hunter Entering the Transfer Portal - NIL Speculation

    Right but don't you suppose the agency is waiting on offers to recoup some or they only get paid if he makes the league?
  11. drmwevr08

    Big 12 football news thread

    10? Damn lets hope not.
  12. drmwevr08

    Tyrese Hunter Entering the Transfer Portal - NIL Speculation

    Sounds to me like the money offers didn't quite roll in. Still probably gets something eventually.
  13. drmwevr08

    ***2022 Minnesota Vikings***

    Just a bunch of meaningless gossip. And by those prone to sour grapes.
  14. drmwevr08

    Iowa Beers Release/Distribution Thread

    I visited last month and a buddy took me on a little beer tour that ended up with us at Confluence. Damn I like that place a lot. Love the atmosphere and the beer!
  15. drmwevr08

    NBA: 2022 NBA Playoffs

    I don't know why they brought Russo's wrinkly old sack in there. Someone in audio needed to balance Steve's loud ass whining? " I loved when all those old black players didn't have a thing to say outside of basketball.'
  16. drmwevr08

    NFL: ***2022 NFL Off-Season Thread***

    Tired of losing games because of late free throws? I'm not doing apple so no way I do sunday ticket. How long til they provide single team options? Or does that actually equate to less cash, so never?
  17. drmwevr08

    Better Call Saul

    Amazing how these old guys end up action starts late in their career. Watched 'Nobody' last night and Odenkirk was quite the ass kicker. Not a great movie but I appreciated Christopher Lloyd also getting a moment as a bad ass!
  18. drmwevr08

    Investing in your community (western IA)

    One of the best real estate developers in Omaha calls Woodbine home I believe. I think he's done some good work there too, but I never went to see.
  19. drmwevr08

    Which NFL teams will you watch this year?

    There aren't too many games I can't find value in early, especially with new players and coaches. Later on in the year that changes some. That being said, there are a lot of games I don't get and I'm often busy so when I do get a chance to watch, I will . Vikes #1 by a mile if I got to choose.