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  1. weR138

    Path to the CCG

    Let's hear it... I presume for ISU it involves us and BU both winning out? Permutations...GO!
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    What's up with these guys? They took FSU to OT and have scored 75 points through two weeks. They seem like the typical "schedule ISU and become a world beater" team we've all come to know and love. Insights? TIA
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    Eric Church is a bro-country douche

    Who showed up hung over and uninterested. ESPN couldn't have done worse. F@ck him, them, and his fans.
  4. weR138

    Minnesota & Fleck

    The Daniel Jackson thread had a Minnesota mention (the other Daniel Jackson) and it piqued my curiosity so I checked out Athlon's Minn prediction which is 5th in the B1G West this season. What's the deal with row boat?... Was he hired at the same time as Campbell? IIRC he was the sexiest of...
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    Am I wrong or did Jake play really well last night all second half. Anyone know about his shot at making the roster?
  6. weR138

    CBS Bowl Predictions Would love the Cactus Bowl.
  7. weR138

    NFL top 100 prospects

    You know who...
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    Top Ten College Running Backs 2018

  9. weR138

    UNL AD mentions interest in future games vs. ISU

    Bill Moos, Nebraska AD mentions games vs. former Big 8 mates...
  10. weR138

    G5...why even

    play football? Every level of football has a mechanism by which a champion is crowed from NAIA to DIII to FCS and FBS...unless you're a G5 program. G5 schools have no chance to play for a national championship in the FBS. Even ISU, Vandy, Oregon State, and Rutgers (well maybe not Rutgers) can...
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    You gonna watch the SEC do over championship?

    I'm not. And this **** is boring. A system that pits conference champs (only) against each other is just more fun. The traditional bowl system was just more fun.
  12. weR138

    Joel's stats this season

    What are they? tackles tfl sacks yards rushing yards passing TDs others
  13. weR138

    MLB: A A Ron Boone new Yankees manager. Fellow Yankees fans; are you as jazzed about this as I am?
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    Is this the beginning of the end of football?

    If a link can be made to violent / murderous behavior and CTE will cases of "CTE made me do it" become prevalent? Would that then prompt the elimination of the cause of CTE? Since a person has to be dead and a brain examined to reveal CTE no living person can cry "CTE" yet. But what happens...
  15. weR138

    The CFP is garbage

    OU handily beat tOSU at their place. Iowa embarrassed tOSU handing Urb his biggest loss EVAR. ISU beat OU and tied Iowa in regulation. But to a man the CFB committee would tell you tOSU is much better than Iowa State. Why? Because they say so. Alabama is #1. Why? Because they say so. A...
  16. weR138

    Stupid logo hate thread

    One of the stupidest things I've ever seen. That upside down poo emogee / Bugle chip made cracked out tigerhawk look like the GD 101st Airborne logo. And why? Just why?
  17. weR138

    Can we talk about Nebraska?...

    Not necessarily to bash (feel free) but your observations. I just find their whole zeitgeist to have changed since joining the big ten. Their fans seem to embrace their role as a big ten also ran and Iowa rival at best. That is a far cry...a gulf from twenty years ago. Riley doesn't seem to...
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    Steely Dan - Your Top Five Tunes

    It's with a heavy heart (and a bit late) that I start this thread. With the passing of the great Walter Becker I'm curious what your top 5 Steely Dan list looks like. Here's mine: 5. Dirty Work 4. Any Major Dude 3. My Old School 2. Peg 1. Reelin' In The Years
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    Sci Fi remakes

    Judging by the Last Jedi thread we've got some Enemy Mine fans here. I'd love to see it updated. Which got me thinking; Dune is due for a reboot (big screen). If you dig Enemy Mine you're old enough to remember The Black Hole. I rewatched it a couple years ago and it was turrible (LOVED it...
  20. weR138

    The Last Jedi? What is this BS. So Luke's the last one? I hate this title.