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  1. twojman

    Dan Winters leaving WHO

    Dan W is not a fake, he's genuinely a good guy. A guy I've done some work with had cancer. Dan is a friend of his. Dan helped lead a benefit and was generous with his time. My son also played against his son in basketball on a Saturday, Dan ran the scoreboard etc. I'd guess Dan wants to do more...
  2. twojman

    Housing market

    For now yes, but what about in five years after appreciation etc? Depending on where he lives there will be appreciation. House payment won't go up but rent will.
  3. twojman

    Housing market

    There may be a few small peaks and valleys in rates for the next few months but eventually I think rates settle under 5 again. The current rates went up too far too fast. There's still a shortage of housing across the country.
  4. twojman

    MLB: ***Official 2021 Chicago Cubs Season Thread***

    Cubs are going to stink this year...again. Trying to cheer for this team is rough. I'm also a "Commanders" fan so I'll line up and take your pity.
  5. twojman

    What are you drinking tonight?

    Anyone ever have Kona Blue Wave? I had a couple of drafts last weekend and it was outstanding. I've had from bottles several times before but draft was so much better.
  6. twojman

    Way too early football predictions?

    Yes, I'm worried about 2022 Iowa State football.
  7. twojman

    Way too early football predictions?

    I'm waffling on 5-6 wins. We'll get an upset some place and it will be up to the D to carry ISU again. New QB, new RB, a struggling OL since 2016 and lack of special teams has me real nervous.
  8. twojman

    My Daytona 500 bets

    When will Tesla enter a vehicle? (I know there are more details/nuance but I wanted to throw it out there.)
  9. twojman

    The greatest Metal song of all time?

    I saw someone post about Suicidal Tendencies, I totally forgot about them. I still have the Lights, Camera, Revolution cassette.
  10. twojman

    CFP Expansion Potentially Tabled till 2026

    I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. There is a formula and always has been. There is no bias. A quality win is beating a team above .500. If a team finishes 6-6, that's NOT a quality win. This is why SEC has an advantage, they can rack up quality wins. How? Their teams can go 4-0 or 3-1 at...
  11. twojman

    CFP Expansion Potentially Tabled till 2026

    Man people think the playoff committee is biased and changed their rules for teams. That is nuts. They've used the same formula since the first playoff. Follow @cfb_matrix, they predict the playoff ranking each week and are off by less than one spot on average. Nuts that people still think this way.
  12. twojman

    This is exactly what I feared. …. Crap

    Big 12 will have two new deals before ACC gets another one. Nobody cares or watches Pac-12, Big 12 will be third in pecking order.
  13. twojman

    2/15/22 CBB Plays

    Last four in according to ESPN. Of teams ranked that 'high' on bracket matrix we're on the least number of brackets, 105. We're listed as a 6 seed from some bracketologists, makes me think they aren't paying attention.
  14. twojman

    *** Official IOWA STATE vs TCU Game(Day) Thread ***

    Right now we're last four in. I've also teased that line to TCU -9 as part of a parlay.
  15. twojman

    Chris Williams the Time has Come

    Did I dream this or did someone say Otz was our Izzo? I mean that is absolutely crazy to say.
  16. twojman

    Chris Williams the Time has Come

    We're going to meet the expectations of last in the Big 12.
  17. twojman

    Chris Williams the Time has Come

    I wasn't on board with the TJ hire, good ol boys club. No matter what, we've exceeded expectations for this season. I'll not change my opinion that with Otz as coach well have to recruit as top 2-3 in conference to finish midpack on a consistent basis.
  18. twojman

    Grunge vs. Hair Metal

    I think KISS and Nirvana were the only two full shows of Unplugged I watched. I'll probably have to look up Stone Temple Pilots performance sometime.
  19. twojman

    Last 8 games..

    I put a unit on K-State money line for the game ISU is favored by 5.5. if we win, great, if not I'll get paid a little.
  20. twojman

    Grunge vs. Hair Metal

    Absolutely love this song and yes, Michael Boltonton was involved. (He's the one that sucks!) Is it because of Grunge we ended up with Emo?