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  1. deadeyededric

    Iowa State leaves the AAU

    This will surely cost ISU a ton of research money.
  2. deadeyededric

    NW Missouri State wins 3rd straight title.

    And 4th out of 5. Trevor Hudgins might be the best D2 player ever. He could be starting for any team left in the tourney.
  3. deadeyededric

    How long after an interview does it take to hear back?

    When they say "a few weeks"? Been waiting 2 weeks to hear back about a County job. Honestly don't really care if I get it or not but can't really make plans until I know.
  4. deadeyededric

    Bomb Cyclone!

    California is finally getting some rain.
  5. deadeyededric

    Is this Urban Meyer in this video?

    That's not his wife if it is.
  6. deadeyededric

    New $400 Billion City in the American Desert.

    Sounds like Dubai Telosa: Plans for $400-billion new city in the U.S. desert unveiled (
  7. deadeyededric

    Fish with Human Teeth!

    I've never heard of a sheepshead fish in my life.
  8. deadeyededric

    Cobra on the loose in Texas.

    Watch your ankles.
  9. deadeyededric

    Johnny Manziel Interview

    Found this interview of Johnny Manziel from 2020. Great interview regardless of what you think of the guy. He even essentially says he could get money anytime he needed it at A&M, how he let stardom essentially ruin his career, etc.. While he's smoking a J and drinking beer.
  10. deadeyededric

    Former Utah Jazz center Mark Eaton passes away at 64

    Bicycle crash
  11. deadeyededric

    Truman State Suicides

    This article is nuts.
  12. deadeyededric

    Housing in Phoenix

    Has anyone else in the area noticed housing prices going through the roof recently? Houses that I was looking at in Apache Junction two months ago that were in the 225-240k range are now 265-270k. Things in the San Tan Valley that were 215-220 are now 250+. None of the other cities in the...
  13. deadeyededric

    NFL: NFL Top 100

    Lamar Jackson #1 and Patrick Mahomes #4. This list is a joke.
  14. deadeyededric

    The Dark Side of the Ring

    Has anyone been watching these documentaries from vice? The one about the murder of Bruiser Brody was probably the best one I've seen yet. I'm watching the one on Dr. D David Shultz now.
  15. deadeyededric

    No One Saw A Thing

    Has anyone seen this? Its the best documentary about Skidmore yet. .
  16. deadeyededric

    Arizona UFO?

    Does anyone here live in the Phoenix metro? There were mysterious lights in the sky on Sunday night similar to '97.
  17. deadeyededric

    NFL: Kansas City Chiefs Thread

    This team is a dumpster fire. Not sure they win that game even with Mahomes playing. 3rd straight team comes into Arrowhead and punches them right in the mouth. It's embarrassing. I don't care if he goes 12-4 every year, he'll never win a big game.
  18. deadeyededric

    New Heavyweight Champion

    Watched the fight this morning. Anthony Joshua got absolutely destroyed.
  19. deadeyededric

    Memorial Day Severe Weather

    This has to be an F-3 or F-4 tornado over by Charles City
  20. deadeyededric

    Retiring in Central America

    It's still about 15 years until I'm 55, but I think I may like to retire in Puerto Vallarta or something like that. Does anyone know any ex-pats living in Mexico or other countries in Central America? How do the pros match up with the cons? I know Belize is popular too.