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    NBA Draft Early Entry Changes

    I really like the proposed changes to the NBA draft early entrant process that would include pushing back the date for withdrawing and allowing underclassmen to attend a new NBA combine and get feedback before having to declare. Should keep more talented guys in college longer. Now get the...
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    GMC Terrain

    I'm looking at getting a new, or slightly used, mid sized SUV. I've been looking at GMC Terrains and wanted to see if anyone on the board had one and what their thoughts on it were. Or if you have a similar vehicle and think that's a better alternative, let me know. Looking for something in...
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    Ken Pom Rankings - ISU 62nd

    The first Ken Pom rankings are out, ISU comes in at 62nd, behind UNI at 48 and Iowa at 54. Kansas is the top B12 team at 10th and four of the top five teams come from the B10. He does mention in his blog that his system doesn't account for impact transfers so the addition of Luscious and...
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    2012-13 NBA Season

    The NBA regular season gets underway tomorrow night. Who's ready to watch LeBron and Miami just destroy the rest of the league this year?
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    NBA: Playoff Time

    NBA playoffs start tomorrow. Who's everyone's pick for the finals? I'll go with Miami - San Antonio, with Miami in 7. This is one of the most wide-open playoffs that I can remember. I think whoever wins the Memphis- SA second round series comes out of the West.
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    Chris Paul to the Lakers

    Yahoo sports is saying Paul to the Lakers for Odom and Gasol.