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  1. Tri4Cy

    NY Times Article about JTS Not much new but nice to see national recognition!
  2. Tri4Cy

    USA Today Article on CMC
  3. Tri4Cy

    Busch Latte

    It's happening!
  4. Tri4Cy

    Raygun Busch Light T-Shirt Just need this in cardinal/gold now :D
  5. Tri4Cy

    Ejim Draft Profile

    I just read this over lunch. A nice profile on Ejim. Didn't see it posted anywhere else...please merge if I missed it!
  6. Tri4Cy

    SI Article: Possible NC run

    Unusual suspects poised to crack the national title party - ESPN Nothing too unexpected. Talking about teams (other than the blue-bloods) best poised to make a NC run. I think I'm getting gut-rot from all the Kool-aid!
  7. Tri4Cy

    Iowa to never punt again...

    Before reading the article I assumed it was by allowing the opposition to score on every drive. Y! SPORTS
  8. Tri4Cy

    Lazard Scholarship Donation

    @AllenLazard: I've decided to take my scholarship money and donate to the @ISUWOPA foundation. That's the heart and soul of Iowa State. #WOPA I haven't seen this posted anywhere else. Does this happen often? I'm assuming that he anticipates NFL money in the future. Talk about "All In."
  9. Tri4Cy

    Starzzzz/Offerzzzz vs Dreamy

    With all of our obsessions on starzzzz/offerzzz (I think I did that right) on CF, at what point do you think fans on other boards will start to care if there is a Dreamy following (ie being recruiting by Dreamy himself)? CFH and team seem to be doing a good job at evaluating early talent (we...
  10. Tri4Cy

    Come on Blum...Join the party!

    I'm putting it out here...I think that if CW can raise 10k for Ava then Blum should join him on the head shaving. I want to see them BOTH bald and will be making my donation today! Lets put the pressure on and get those donations up!
  11. Tri4Cy

    How about a new DE!

    He always wanted to go to USC...he could at least look like it! :jimlad: Recruit decommits from USC after Lane Kiffin defers his scholarship three days before he Kylie Fitts - Yahoo! Sports