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  1. theantiAIRBHG

    Favorite Christmas Songs

    What are some of your favorite XMas songs, and some of the best renditions of them? For me, my favorite song is "O Holy Night", and this is hands down the best version of it I have ever heard.
  2. theantiAIRBHG

    YouTube Channels

    Who are/What are some of your favorite YouTubers/YouTube channels? My favorite one currently is Casey Niestat. He used to do a daily vlog that just ended a couple days ago. It's very entertaining and the videography is great in it.
  3. theantiAIRBHG

    Favorite Shower Activities

    What are your favorite (non-sexual) things to do in the shower? I have two: Channel the water down my arm and off my finger tips, pretending I'm The Airbender, or Cross my arms across my chest until the cavity fills up with water and then release it onto the tub floor. I call this "Playing...
  4. theantiAIRBHG

    Halloween Costumes 2016

    Is this the best costume ever?
  5. theantiAIRBHG

    Come on People

    If you have an eye appointment to get contacts, and the doctor schedules you for a one week follow up to check the contacts, what is the one thing you think you should bring with you? Yes, we can obviously by the glasses you have on your face that your contacts are working perfectly for you...
  6. theantiAIRBHG

    Bobcat in Cedar Rapids

    We just had a patient in the office that is claiming there is a Bobcat on the loose and roaming around the main Rockwell Collins campus. What? Personally, I'm hoping it's a Cougar.
  7. theantiAIRBHG

    Meskwaki Casino

    I'm trying to book a room for the early part of December. The website doesn't show prices or allow you to book online? What is this, 1999?
  8. theantiAIRBHG

    Power Rangers

    Uh. Yes please.
  9. theantiAIRBHG

    EFY Race/Walk

    Anyone else doing this tomorrow morning? It will be my second year of doing it and it was a blast last year. Ending in Newbo with all the bars/restaurants and the live music is awesome. Seeing all the people that turn out for it is really neat.
  10. theantiAIRBHG


    Headed to Vegas tomorrow for a work conference thru the weekend. Been twice before but it's been about 5 years. What's the new stuff that I need to see and or do?
  11. theantiAIRBHG

    Plug stuck in receptacle

    So somehow Ms A got her flat iron plug stuck in our bathroom GFCI receptacle this am. I can't get it unstuck for the life of me and don't have time to deal with it before work. I shut the breaker off to that outlet so hopefully that should make me feel safer about it while I'm out of the house...
  12. theantiAIRBHG

    Escape Chambers

    Heading to DM tomorrow to have my first chamber experience. Anyone done them yet? What am I looking at here?
  13. theantiAIRBHG

    ***Official 2015-16 Chicago Blackhawks Thread***

    I wanted to start this cuz I wanted to humble brag that Hinostroza housed with my folks when he was a Waterloo Blackhawk.
  14. theantiAIRBHG

    Geno Smith

    Don't know how to link from mobile but just saw on Twitter he was sucker punched in the locker room today and will be out 6-10 weeks. Wtf goes thru some pro athletes/peoples' heads?
  15. theantiAIRBHG

    SONOS Connect Music System

    Does anyone have any experience with this system? We are looking for alternatives to radio to play over the speakers in the practice I work at. It looks like it has audio out to hook into the existing sound system. Wondering how the functionality of the different stations and everything work...
  16. theantiAIRBHG

    The Revenant

    Holy cow does this look great. Leo is astounding in everything he makes.
  17. theantiAIRBHG

    The Sky is Green, and the Grass is Blue

  18. theantiAIRBHG

    ***Official Super Bowl XLIX Commercials Thread***

    Im sure Budweiser will make me cry.
  19. theantiAIRBHG

    "Dumb" TV's

    Can you buy them anymore? I'm in the market for a new TV, thinking 55-60" but I don't want to necessarily spend an extra $100 to have my TV do something my PS4 can already do.
  20. theantiAIRBHG

    Howard the Duck

    What a great movie. One of my favorites as a kid. Am I reading this right that he was invented by Marvel? Oh yea, and Lea Thompsen.