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  1. tplumm

    LHN in St. Louis?

    In town this weekend for a wedding (Clayton). If anyone knows of a bar in the area that might have the LHN, I’d appreciate an assist
  2. tplumm

    Preferred Tax Software

    I have used Turbo Tax software for a number of years now and would be interested in what others are using and what you would recommend. My taxes are pretty straight forward, so the software vs a tax professional works well for my household. HR Block, Tax Slayer and TT seem to be the main...
  3. tplumm

    FS: 4 Alamobowl Tickets

    Brother-in-law had a death in his family and he has 4 tickets for sale. $142.50/ticket ; section 126; row 29
  4. tplumm

    FS: 2 tickets for OSU

    Upper deck, east side. Section T, row 16 Best offer. Live in Ankeny and will be in Ames briefly this evening between 6 and 7 PM.
  5. tplumm

    Punt returns

    Did Trevor Ryan get dinged up yesterday? I was wondering why Lazard started fielding the punts, but would see Ryan in on offense periodically. I know AL has reliable hands, but is not a return threat like Ryen.
  6. tplumm

    Nest Smart Thermostat - feedback?

    Have read a number of reviews from various sources and looked through some of the comments on Amazon as well. Before I make the investment in the generation 3 version, I would be interested in hearing from you fanatics who may already be using the current or previous generations. Thanks.
  7. tplumm

    1954 Iowa State College handbook

    My father-in-law passed away a couple weeks ago. I just learned he attended Iowa State for one semester and had saved the freshman handbook. My mother-in-law gave it to my son today who will be a freshman this fall. It's an interesting to read. My son attended orientation last week, so I...
  8. tplumm

    Assist from Muscatine for this weekend

    Any locals know a local bar or resturant that will have the game on Saturday night? With it being on, I'm thinking it may be tough to find on TV in eastern Iowa. Will be in town and was hoping someone can direct me to a place that will definitely have the game on.
  9. tplumm

    Roof repair recommendation in Ankeny

    Can I get recommendations on a trusted individual or business to make a small roof repair? I am fairly certain I have a leak that has developed around a plumbing vent pipe. I expect it is a small, minor repair but I want someone who knows what they are doing. Thanks in advance.
  10. tplumm

    Equipment Sale?

    Several years ago they had an athletic equipment sale Veisha weekend. Took a look at both and the Veisha website, neither mentioned any sale. I did a quick search of the message boards and it looked like the last mention was 2011. Did the periodic equipment sales go away? Seems...
  11. tplumm

    I-235 Billboard countdown

    On my way into work this morning (Ankeny to West Des Moines) the electronic billboard just before the Euclid exit had a giant #5 over top an action shot of some ISU football players. Thought that was a cool idea for this advertising resource. This week cannot go by fast enough!
  12. tplumm

    Nice job outta TCU and Annheuser Busch

    Guy from work has a daughter attending TCU this fall. He ran across this poster in a grocery store when he took his daughter to school. Grocery store manager let him have it so I took this pic.
  13. tplumm

    Last kickoff returned for a TD?

    I was thinking about our special teams play the other day and could not recall the last time we returned a kickoff for a touchdown. I did a few interweb searches and it appears the last return for a touchdown was in 1999 by Troy Davis? Not sure if what I found was correct. Anyone recall a...
  14. tplumm

    Tiller at receiver question solved

    From the most recent practice update on Several practices ago, Shontrelle Johnson's white No. 21 jersey was torn. Junior wide receiver Tyler Petersen also wears No. 21. Peterson's jersey was given to Johnson by the equipment staff and Petersen is now wearing a white No. 11 jersey...
  15. tplumm

    Maybe we should recruit this 12 year old

    :wideeyed: Check out this kids skills!
  16. tplumm

    Sims and Johnson

    Chris - Curious if there were any further questions to or comments from the staff regarding the on field incident from Saturday. Although I thought it reflected poorly on the two players and the D as a whole, I just chalked it up to "heat of the moment". At least I hope that was all there...
  17. tplumm

    Brush with greatness?

    So I am at the Spring game today and as I am walking out, my 12 year old son mentions to me that the gentleman sitting next to us was wearing an Orange Bowl ring. If memory serves, the gentlemen was probably in his late 60 's, early 70's. Wondering who it may have been? Since ISU has never...