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    Miller and Condon

    Could not agree more, just give us the last hour of DP and forget about these two.
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    Bridget & the Minnesota Lynx

    They are at this point missing some key players. Also they have a couple players who are not TEAM players and only seem to care about their individual stats.Bridget gets plenty of playing time because she is asked to guard the other teams better scorers and seems to get guarded closer than other...
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    Hy-Vee vs Fareway - Sunday Commercials

    And you know this because? Link
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    Hy-Vee vs Fareway - Sunday Commercials

    I know for a fact (I have friends who were let go) that those laid off and offered retail jobs would be making less than their current office job. There are some jobs in subsidiaries that the pay is closer but not as many jobs there. Main issue was for some too many people in areas that had been...
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    Hy-Vee vs Fareway - Sunday Commercials

    I retired from Hy-Vee and worked during the time they expanded. Did they try ideas that did not work he!! yes they also had some that have been very successful. The pandemic caused a change in how people shopped and now that it is somewhat over people are going back to eating out more than...
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    Hy-Vee vs Fareway - Sunday Commercials

    This is not the first or will be the last company who expands when times are good but then must cut back when it gets tough. I have been in companies who have had to due this in the past.
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    Hy-Vee vs Fareway - Sunday Commercials

    Not the only option rumored. Amazon is also whispered.
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    Aubrey Joens Transferring

    There will be some but less due to Ashley still here. If she left due to playing time not sure she gets that much more there. Drake, UNI or SD would have given her more IMO.
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    Players should NOT be paid!!! Probably done with ISU

    You forgot Iowa in the ones left out Their fans may think they are big time but they are no better then the teams you said would be in the new group.
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    Aubrey Joens Transferring

    I could see her going to two of those mentioned but doubt she would go to Oklahoma.
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    Aubrey Joens Transferring

    Hate to see her leave as she is a player who always gave it her all on the court. Hope she finds a team that needs her skills. IMO it is wanting more playing time and we have a number of players who all want time and only 200 minutes a game to be shared. Everyone wants every player to be a...
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    Hy-Vee vs Fareway - Sunday Commercials

    The slate of people is put together by a committee made up of store directors and executive staff members.
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    Twister Sister Summary - End of Season Reflection and Looking Forward Pt 2

    While it is nice to have many talented players the caveat is they must get playing time or as we have seen this year they leave and enter the transfer pool. The number of good players that we see in the pool has to make coaches step back and look at how they rotate their players. Except for the...
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    Jury Duty

    I should also have said that he worked for my company in high school and college so he was familiar with us. As I was a supervisor that helped him assume some issues. And to put it bluntly the defense did not have a case. I think his lawyer hoped we would feel sorry for the guy and award him big...
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    Aus going into ISU Hall of Fame

    Great news, a well deserved honor.
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    WBB: General Thread of Cyclones Women's Hoops 2021-2022 Season

    Got to be something wrong with this list. Three teams from the big 10 made it none are iowa who has the best player in the country, just ask them. PS also Baylor did not make it and we all know they are the best in the Big 12.
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    Jury Duty

    One of the cases I was on was a civil case a guy suing his former employer. After the case was decided against the person suing the wining lawyer thanked us and I asked him why he choose me and he said it was because I worked for a company who he knew had strong principles and a great work ethic...
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    WBB: Ashley Joens record watch

    This is even a greater honor this year when you see who she beat out.
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    WBB: General All-NCAA Thread - Not Team Cyclones Stuff

    Clark will just take twice as many shots as she did this year and from 10' farther back from the line. Who cares about the rest of the team as long as she gets all the credit.
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    Agree with what you are saying and I did point out the numbers were ONLY for their listed center/5 players. I did not use numbers for Ny when she was playing the 5 in that one set we have used. My point was some on here think all we need is one new center and everything will be great and it...