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  1. CyTwister

    Pollard sounds off on NIL, changing landscape of college athletics in interview on Murphy & Andy

    Because it’s wrong to restrict someone from making money because they accept a scholarship in basketball or football while musical/academic scholarships don’t have the same restrictions.
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    Tyrese Hunter Entering the Transfer Portal - NIL Speculation

    Truths the average person doesn’t want to hear: 1. Basketball and football players are not student-athletes. Lowered admission standards, fake classes at UNC, useless majors, terrible graduation rates, increased practice hours, AD and coach pay skyrocketing from 50 years ago, mega TV deals, and...
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    Washington State transfer & former teammate to Jaz Kunc considering Iowa State

    Twitter has a character limit. He had to either cut down on characters or schools.
  4. CyTwister

    Bob Huggins elected to Basketball Hall of Fame

    Bob Huggins makes the basketball hall of fame yet Melvin Ejim can’t even get his jersey retired in Hilton…hmmmm, interesting.
  5. CyTwister

    Is ISU a Cinderella?

    Not a Cinderella. But this year’s team is a great story. New coach comes in, loses all 5 starters, retains only 3 backup players (Conditt, Walker, Jackson) who combined played less than 25% of total minute share in the 2020-2021 season, and TJ Otz gets to work right away. TJ retains Tyrese...
  6. CyTwister

    Who's headed to the United Center?

    Depends on if KU wins. Can’t imagine Providence would have tons of interest. Providence enrollment is 4,735. Very small fan base based in RI and a flight alone back and forth is $500-$600 per person for this upcoming weekend.
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    Heavy advantage over Miami. As someone else mentioned, they only have 3000 fans per home game, they have a smaller alumni base, and they don’t have nearly as many alums in Chicago (can someone check this on LinkedIn search function which shows it for different schools in Chicago metro area?). I...
  8. CyTwister

    **2022 NCAA Tourney Thread** (including play-ins)

    Rasir Bolton playing well. I’d prefer to see Memphis win this
  9. CyTwister

    The Fran fade

    The fade came late this year
  10. CyTwister

    *** Official Selection Sunday Thread ***

    Hilarious seeing the teams like Miami seeded higher than us. What a perfect draw though pulling LSU without a coach.
  11. CyTwister

    *** Official Selection Sunday Thread ***

    wins matter. Throw out the rest of what you said though. Recent performance, NET ranking don’t matter in bid selection and it’s on the record.
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    Latest Bracketology

    Repeating this message. LUNARDI IS A MORON!!! Our resume is better than all the bubble teams and Miami too. No way Rutgers and our resume are close.
  13. CyTwister

    I hate the Cyclone Power chant

    1. The phrase “get juicy” in the chorus of Juicy Wiggle is cringe and kinda creepy. Beat drop is awesome, lyrics are so bad. 2. Get rid of the random EDM/Techno music at Jack Trice. It’s a football game in central Iowa, not a rave with LSD. It’s also the worst possible music selection within...
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    I hate the Cyclone Power chant

  15. CyTwister

    Official Announcement of TJ as the New Iowa State Mens BBall Coach

    Bart Torvik retroactively tracks NET Quadrant rankings: Quad 2015 ISU 2016 ISU Q1-A 7-5 2-8 Q1 13-5 8-10 Q2 3-2 4-1 Q3 4-1 6-0 Q4 5-0 3-0 Prohm’s 2016 team was horrendous against tough opponents. 2-8 vs teams who were elite (Home 1-15/Neutral 1-25/Away 1-40). Hard to know what...
  16. CyTwister

    Official Announcement of TJ as the New Iowa State Mens BBall Coach

    Everything. Really dumb comparison. Bama and Clemson run CFB with UGA and OSU close behind and the rest of the pack isn’t even close. There’s much more parity in the top ten of CBB. You might as well have made your counter example cross country or tennis...
  17. CyTwister

    Official Announcement of TJ as the New Iowa State Mens BBall Coach

    Is this a football thread? Didn’t think so
  18. CyTwister

    Official Announcement of TJ as the New Iowa State Mens BBall Coach

    No one disagrees with that. Clear as night and day though that McDermott was consistently subpar with 14-16 wins per season while Prohm discovered a new rock bottom for Iowa State BB after inheriting a team which was peaking.
  19. CyTwister

    Official Announcement of TJ as the New Iowa State Mens BBall Coach

    Top 10 team to start the season. If that’s not a national championship contender idk what to tell ya
  20. CyTwister

    Calling my shot

    Cyclones win 34-32