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    Is this map accurate?


    ***Official Fortnite Battle Royale Mafia Sign-Up Thread***

    One day, 98% of Earth's population suddenly disappeared, and the remaining population found the skies covered in dense clouds, creating chaotic storms that dropped husks, humanoid zombie-like creatures, that attacked the living. While there is a "storm shield", a field that cleared the storm...

    ***Official Unproductive Workers Pre-Gameday Workday GIF Thread***

    Me when I look at the clock: Me when I realize it's not even lunch yet: Me when someone walks by and sees me on CF: Me when I look back at the clock: Me right now:

    West Virginia (11) at Oklahoma State

    Sellout in Gallagher IBA for the conference opener according to the announcers. Haven't seen it this full in awhile but then again I haven't seen much of OSU this year. Underwood trying to become the third fastest coach to reach 100 wins in the last 100 years. WVU came out hitting everything...

    Ohio State Meltdown

    It's like they never lose or something..

    NBA: ***Official 2016-17 NBA Regular Season Thread***

    It's that time of year again, opening night is tomorrow. Should be a good one in Golden State hosting San Antonio. It'll be interesting to see how the Warriors take shape coming in after the off-season moves. It'll also be weird seeing a Spurs team without Duncan on the floor. Also on...

    ***Mafia Sign Up - 2016 Rio Summer Olympics***

    Once every four years the world comes together to witness amazing, to cheer, to cry, but, above all else, to play mafia. Mankind's best athletes and leaders are here to compete and it's time to help your country bring home the gold. The sign up thread will close on Monday night and we will...

    OT: Biggest surprise you've ruined?

    So my friend is moving across the country and I didn't realize that he had not told everyone yet. I accidentally revealed it in a group text today and now I feel pretty bad. This got me thinking (but really I just need to hear from others on how they've also messed up so I feel better)...

    ***Official Rush Hour Mafia Sign Up Thread***

    That's right, LAPD's finest, Detective James Carter, is back at it again and he'll be accompanied by the Consul's closest friend, Chief Inspector Lee. Help them defeat the Triad and save the Consul's most prized possession, his daughter. Sign up will close Friday at 8:00 p.m., roles will be...
  10. JHUNSY

    Maryland @ WVU

    WVU up 35-0 in the 2nd quarter. Maryland just got a huge play.. but then they fumbled straight into and out of the end zone. Should be fun when we go there later this year.
  11. JHUNSY

    Best beer prices?

    So some buddies and I are heading up to Wisconsin this weekend for a bachelor party. We'll be floating so needless to say we will need some beer. With that said, I know it's been discussed on here that some alcohol prices are better in surrounding states. Since we'll be going to Somerset we...
  12. JHUNSY

    ***Official Community Mafia Sign Up Thread***

    The group is getting back together. The real group, not some forced makeshift Season 6 group with some misfits who don’t fit trying to replace the irreplaceables. Will the group be able to save Greendale again? Will they actually study? What timeline is this? Sign up will close...
  13. JHUNSY

    What's more crucial for our next two games?

    Establishing the run game or stopping it? Since we are about to play two more teams with the same approach that killed us yesterday, what adjustments need done? I think we need to work on stopping the run game first and foremost. That also means we need to get to work on our linebackers. They...
  14. JHUNSY

    Home Brewing Cider

    Well I have recently discovered an interest in the likes of home brewing, but more specifically home brewing cider. From everything I have read and seen it appears to be a good starter route and a rewarding hobby to dive into. I figure I will give it a go and let the motorcycle sit on the back...
  15. JHUNSY


    Last Friday I had to cut my Moustache March short unfortunately as I shaved for an interview. Well, not only did I get the internship position but the next morning I was sitting third row with my girlfriend in the student section as we waited for the win against Oklahoma State. We then won the...
  16. JHUNSY

    March Madness Conference Bet

    So my brother (Iowa alum) and I were talking college hoops. He asked how many I thought would make the tournament from the B12. I then said I believed 7 had a good shot. He said no way and suggested "a lot of them" will end up in the NIT. He doesn't think they would take 7 from the same...
  17. JHUNSY

    Family Weekend Video

    I figured this would be a fun first thread for me. I was getting sick of all the negativity on here after the Baylor game. Bottom line: It doesn't matter how we played last week anymore. What matters is where we go from there. I can't speak for everyone else as far as where we'll be on Saturday...