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    Tyrese Haliburton getting it done!

    Had a monster 4th Qtr tonight in a win over the Bulls. His future is so bright!
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    Cody Fisher

    Do we know what weight he plans to wrestle? Seems like he might be too small for HWT?
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    PA guy

    Jamie - if you are listening, please conduct open auditions for a new PA guy. We both know he is a JV guy. He's probably good for gymnastics. If you want a big time environment, please choose someone who has some baritone in their voice so I can hear him. Thanks! #hadenufsoprano
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    PA guy

    If we change the surface to turf, can we please, please, please get rid of PA guy. Real tired of his high pitch cheerleading antics during the game. He's an amateur and sucks.
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    PA Announcer

    Can we please find a replacement for this guy?!?! Soprano voice that I can't hear. He ruins the sound system. We are a top 25 program, so let's act like it. Jamie, if you are reading, HELP!!!!!!!
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    Juan Harris

    Is there a Juan Harris sighting vs the Buckeyes tonight? I thought I saw him, but he's not on their roster?
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    Chuck Jean

    ISU historian needed…. Why did Chuck Jean transfer to Adams St. after 2 National titles at ISU?
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    Arrested in Cedar Falls last night for Disorderly. I would think with the way our program has started this year, our wrestlers don't need to be out of town late in the evening of a weeknight causing problems. I realize he's redshirting, but c'mon!
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    Auto repair in Altoona area

    Help! New to the area and need brakes done. Who can do the job well at a reasonable cost?
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    PA Announcer for f-ball games

    Beautiful weather, uniforms & victory........ but can we be done with this guy? He needs testosterone for some bass in his voice. Million dollars spent on the speakers and his voice is just terrible. I know it's petty, but seriously.....
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    I know he's quirky, but pay what it costs and get it done. Similar to Eustachy in some regards.
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    Besides the "I'm so proud...", how will CPR be remembered?

    Hookin' his wagon to Sam Richardson for 3
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    What's grinding your gears?

    Can the PA announcer take some injections or something to get a little more baritone in his voice. Whew!!!!!!! I feel better.
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    Story City

    Where's a good place to eat dinner?
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    Resume' killer

    If we beat Kansas, then it will be 357 days since we last beat an FBS program. Yikes!
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    Rate Sam Richardson

    Wanted to wait a few days to post, but Richardson's performance was underwhelming. I give him a C-. With our fleet of WR, our QB should be throwing for 300+.
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    Trent Johnson

    I know they lost and he shouldn't be happy, but doesn't it appear he has a chip on his shoulder? Appeared to avoid questions. Was it because the majority of the crowd were Cyclones? I don't believe he's on the hot seat, but maybe I'm wrong.
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    Brakes in Ames

    Kid calls and says his brakes are bad. Who do I send him to?
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    Brake work in Ames

    Kid calls from Ames and says brakes are bad. Who should I send him to?
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    Looking for 2 or 3 together arena circle /parquet for tonite.

    Last min. Coming from the North and will pick up as needed.