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    Izaiah Brockington Article ($$)
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    Coach Otz on The Field of 68 with Jeff Goodman

    Nice convo with TJ, interview starting at 27:30. Also, loved how when addressing the Iowa game he said "when we had a game against a rival of ours in the state that plays in the big 10"
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    USMNT World Cup Qualifier to be played at Allianz Field (St. Paul) - CONFIRMED

    Who's looking to go?? Should be some frozen fun haha
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    The Athletic ($$) - Iowa State Football Articles Thread

    Found this article to be very telling. Rather than focusing on maximizing the potential for this Senior-heavy class, the first thing CMC did last offseason was focus on identifying what players needed to improve to provide a meaningful impact to this program, and how you work with those players...
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    Dune - Villeneuve adaptation

    1st Trailer dropped today. I read the first book of the Dune universe at the beginning of this whole lockdown and it quickly became my favorite book. Villeneuve is planning to break the first book (and part of Dune Messiah, it's believed) into 2 separate movies. I think this is a great decision...
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    So I Wrote a Blog About Jack Trice

    I couldn't sleep and that whole twitter situation surrounding Jack Trice had me doing some research today. Take a read through my deep dive into Jack's life. I tried to source as accurately as I could, but .. it's late.. so apologies...
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    TheAthletic Article: Valley of the Quarterbacks

    The Purdy's are interviewed for part of this article, touching on the growth of QB prospects in the Valley of the Sun. pretty cool read! (It is behind a pay-wall)...
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    Minnesota Golf Courses - Best Bang for Your Buck

    I am a big golf fan, and have played a good amount of the courses around the 20-30 minute radius around the Twin Cities. But I am regularly running into completely booked up courses (for the mornings) and it's getting a bit annoying. To my Minnesota residents (or non residents who have played)...
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    Hakeem Butler - Athletic Article

    Didn't see this posted anywhere. Really nice article showcasing the physical specimen and wide receiver Hakeem has become.
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    ***Big 12 Media Days - Iowa State Videos and Interviews***

    I figured, due to this being (probably) the most anticipated Iowa State football season in a while, and there actually being some hype and intrigue around ISU outside of just the state, why not get a thread going that we could post all of the different Videos/Articles/Podcasts/Interviews that...
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    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

    A new Quinten Tarantino movie was just confirmed and a list of actors is out... and it is Stacked. The movie sounds like it will take place in Hollywood, during 1969 and the Manson murders, following a struggling actor (Leo). I'm a fan of Tarantino movies, but understand that his still gets...
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    PUMA Basketball

    It's been somewhat known/expected for a while, but PUMA is making its way back into the basketball world. Announced the signing of DeAndre Ayton this morning. Side Note: How much would it suck...
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    Nick Caracci

    I just saw this on Twitter and thought it was terrible, yet great. Terrible that there is a person who is out there doing this, and great because social media used like this can be very beneficial. The thread is very eye opening, and detailed, University of Iowa sent out a response to the...
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    HBO Made-for-TV Movie: Fahrenheit 451

    Has anyone seen this is Ramin Bahrani-directed movie yet? I'd love to discuss peoples thoughts on it. Both who have read the book and who have not, cause I'm sure opinions are differentiated if you have read the book compared to going in with no idea what to expect. Thoughts on Acting...
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    The Terror

    Been meaning to hop on board this new AMC show. The story that the show is based on is a very interesting/somewhat insane one, and I really like Ciarán Hinds (Mance Raydar in GoT or Gaius Julius Ceasar in Rome). Has anyone caught the first few episodes? Thoughts, comments, concerns?? I have a...
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    Black Panther

    Movie comes out tonight, I originally was only getting excited for this movie because of the music that Kendrick Lamar was putting out. But as we've gotten closer and closer to todays release, the excitement has really built up for me. Has a 98% on Rotten, 4.5 on Vox and a 7.2 on iMBD. It is...
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    Abdel Nader Feature by Rob Perez

    Cool little feature about Abdel and his road to the NBA.
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    Higgins Suing Kentucky Sports Radio SIAP, but thought this was hilarious. KSR doesn't seem too worried about it, but the number of calls/threats he got was a bit alarming/surprising to me. Probably won't amount...
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    Players That Have De-commited amidst the CBB Corruption Case

    Thought that this would be a helpful thread to hold all of the de commitment conversation, rather than on the 2018 recruiting thread. As of right now I know of EJ Montgomery - 4* - PF - De-committed from Auburn Courtney Ramey - 5* - PG - De-Committed from Louisville Anfernee Simons - 5* - SG -...
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    Random Friday Topic - Co-Workers Outside of Work

    Wasn't sure how to title this, but I have had a few realizations recently about some co-workers that I have been working with for over a year now. I was curious if anyone else has had a situation in which they have a relationship at work with someone and think you know them pretty well, but then...