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  1. cyguytillidie

    FS: MBB vs Chattanooga

    2 tickets in top row of 237 and a level 2 parking pass. Looking to sell together for best offer. Although it's top row, still pretty good view. Not a bad seat in Hilton. Can stand when you want. Area behind you to place coats, drinks, etc.
  2. cyguytillidie

    MayPac in Des Moines

    Anyone know of places showing the fight tomorrow night?
  3. cyguytillidie

    Des Moines Haircut

    Anyone have a go to place for haircuts in Des Moines? -preferably downtown The South side Great Clips aren't cutting it anymore.
  4. cyguytillidie

    Big XII Newcomer of the Year

    Um.. what?
  5. cyguytillidie

    Court Storms

    After tonight's events do we see a court storming ban for all Big 12 teams next year? Self Gets Crushed: Traylor Gets Targeted: KState arena security did an awful job.
  6. cyguytillidie

    Des Moines Apartments

    What are some good places to live in Des Moines for recent college grads? My roommate and I are both looking to move down to the big city and are trying to figure out where to look. Hoping to find a younger population but if you know of an apartment or area that has a pretty good reputation I...
  7. cyguytillidie

    2013-14 Top Plays

    What does everyone think are the top plays from this season? I'm thinking Naz's two buzzer beaters have gotta be up near the top. Also several Ejim alley-oops and Monte passes to choose from.
  8. cyguytillidie

    Baylor doing Baylor things

    Down 6 to West Virginia with 5 mins left in Waco.
  9. cyguytillidie

    Southern vs. Champion Baptist

    Not sure if this deserves a thread of it's own but figured I'd post it. Southern is currently beating this school called Champion Baptist 88-10 with 11 mins left. Thought it was a score error when I first saw it. Apparently Southern scored the game's first 44 points. :eek: Also Calvin...
  10. cyguytillidie

    Interview Project Help

    Fellow fanatics, I am doing a study on quitting jobs for my senior research project and am in need of some volunteers to interview. Specifically, I am looking for anyone who has quit a job in the last year. I am mainly looking for students but if any nonstudents are interested I may make some...
  11. cyguytillidie


    What's everyone going as this year?!
  12. cyguytillidie

    Mafia sign-up

    Looking to start a game of mafia. We've lost a few of the regulars with bans and such so looking to add some newbies to the pot. If you have a question on game play just post in the thread and one of us will help out. Haven't decided on the theme yet so I'm up for ideas. Hoping to start up on...
  13. cyguytillidie

    ***VEISHEA 2013***

    It's that time of year again! Drunks walk the campus during both day and night, beer cans are found in places they don't belong, students make bushes their location of choice for a good nights sleep, and lots of just terrible decision are made. Please post any crazy stories, funny encounters...
  14. cyguytillidie

    Louisville Police Scanner Hopefully its as good as the Lexington one last year. RIP Gibbons.
  15. cyguytillidie

    High School 3 Point Contest

    Matt Thomas is on CBS right now! Already know the result but great chance to see him shoot.
  16. cyguytillidie

    Monte Morris in Sports Illustrated

    He was in this week's edition of Faces in the Crowd. The segment explains that Monte lead his team with 16 points and a game sealing block in the Michigan Class C championship. Then goes on to explain that he led his team in scoring, assists, and steals and will be headed to Iowa State next...
  17. cyguytillidie

    Which team would you most like to play?

    Going off of the other thread, which of the teams provided would you most like to play in the 1st/2nd round. Assuming we get a 9/10/11 seed, the teams provided are the 6/7/8 seeds from Lunardi's most recent bracketology.
  18. cyguytillidie

    ***Official Are You Going To KC Thread***

    How many of you fanatics are making the trip to Kansas City for the Big XII tourney next week?! Hope to see a lot of Cardinal and Gold down there filling the streets and the Sprint Center!!!!
  19. cyguytillidie

    Going Dancing!
  20. cyguytillidie

    Naismith Student Section of the Year - VOTE! Iowa State has made the top 16! Looks like were off to a slow start sitting in 12th place right now. Only top 8 advance to go in front of Naismith board to decide winner. Let's do this Clone fans! Get in there and vote!