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    NOW PLAYING - "My Favorite Year"

    Definitely 1994 - Dumb and Dumber, Ace Ventura AND The Mask
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    ***General Cycling Thread***

    Unless you just have extra money to burn, I'd get a used bike since you don't know whether you're even going to stay with the hobby. If you use it for the season and want to upgrade, you could resell it for probably almost how much you paid for it. Buy a new $1500 bike and you want to sell it...
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    Attendance policy from JP...

    So are they letting students in? He doesn't mention that their season tickets are included in that. It'd be really ****** if they didn't. It's literally "college" football
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    Post the Album Cover(s) which had the most Influence...

    The woman who made this album cover and a bunch of other famous ones (Purple Rain, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty) lives in Des Moines. Her husband has an art studio in that Mainframe Studios off of Keo Way. I was in there for a first Friday open house and he just casually dropped how his wife had...
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    NFL: ***2020 NFL Draft Thread***

    Hundreds of hours? Jesus. You should post the whole thing
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    Social Isolation Album of the Day

    Loving the 90's alt rock vibe of this thread. I was a little too young to get into that stuff when it actually happened but I've been diving into it lately. Always loved Smashing Pumpkins but recently getting into Pavement, Dinosaur Jr, some of the shoegaze bands. This is a spotify playlist I've...
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    ***Official 2019-2020 Transfer Thread***

    Article says his dad works for a certain ex-ISU assistant in the NBA. I think he's as good as ours
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    Preparing for the apocalypse

    I'm intrigued. Saw it at hyvee and was gonna try it out for ***** but the cashier talked me out of it. He said it's coffee with booze added, not a coffee flavored beer like you would assume.
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    Hinterland 2020 SPECULATION THREAD

    Has anyone noticed how they're selling tickets at shows at the water works amphitheater this year? It's awful. Really hope they don't try it at Hinterland
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    Re-al Mitchell to Transfer

    That exact scenario happened with Phil Bates way back when after Arnaud won the QB competition. He transferred to Ohio claiming he wanted to stay at QB but then ended up making an NFL roster as a WR lol
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    Latrell Bankston Commits Kind of random but I noticed that two of the four juco DTs rated higher than Bankston are playing in Iowa. Wonder what the deal with the Burks guy at ICCC is
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    Friday OT #2 - On the Road Again

    What do you go for?
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    NCAA rules in favor of profit for athlete's "likeness"

    Does that mean they'll finally bring NCAA football back?
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    Great article on Campbell in Washington Post

    Three Big 12 coaches on that list plus they mention how Kingsbury got hired last year. Pretty wild
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    Smoker Questions

    Where in Des Moines do you all buy brisket? Fareway? Sam's? Does HyVee even stock it?
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    Smoker Questions

    Was it this one by chance? I've decided I want a pellet grill as I've been using a Weber kettle up until now but I don't really want to drop $600 on something. Maybe I should scour...
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    PFF Starting QB Rankings through week 6

    So ISU barely missed out on both Manziel and Burrow. Purdy seems to be a pretty good consolation prize
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    Urbandale Hy-Vee booze sale

    Where do you find prices? All I could find online is this but doesn't really have any info
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    PFF Starting QB Rankings through week 6

    It's kind of wild seeing all the transfer QBs on here. Just in the top ten there are three transfers that're ranked higher than the QB at their old school. Wonder if it's a random year or if that'll be a big thing going forward like in basketball. Wasn't ISU also thought to be in on Joe Burrow...
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    Would You Welcome Missouri and Nebraska Back to the Big 12?

    You all are talking about these schools like they're some kind of self contained entities that disrespected the Big 12. In actuality it was a few people in leadership positions at each school that made the decision to leave, not the "school" itself or the fanbase. To hold a grudge against an...