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  1. tman24

    WTB: Dec 9 Southern Tickets

    Looking to buy 3 or 4 seats to the Southern game.
  2. tman24

    College Football Fans Week 6

    We made it into this weeks video. It was Purdy good!
  3. tman24

    New cyclone fan born this morning

    My son Gannon was born nice and early this morning. Mom and baby are doing great and I couldn't be happier! He will be ready to cheer on the cyclones tomorrow.
  4. tman24

    ISU picked on College Game Day Draft

    Jalen picked us in the NCAA Team fantasy. We snuck in with last pick, but fun to hear all the OSU fans boo him about it. They also called us under rated heading into the tournament.
  5. tman24

    Abc/directv choppy?

    Anyone having frame rate issues watching abc on directv? It's been like this ask weekend on both receivers.
  6. tman24

    Kansas City Trip

    Will be heading to KC for a weekend next month. Will be going to a Royals game and tons of BBQ, but other than that, we are not very sure what else to do. Brewery tour would be nice, but I think all the times are sold out. Any other suggestions? Also hotels. We have stayed at the Comfort Inn...
  7. tman24

    Glacier National Park trip

    The wife and I are wanting to go on a trip to Glacier National Park. So far the plan would be to see Badlands/Mt Rushmore and Yellowstone/Grand Tetons either along the way there or on the way back. We plan on driving our own vehicle and camping most of the nights. As for what to do once we get...
  8. tman24

    Cornhole/Bags set

    I am building my first bags set. Have been looking around on the internet and found one bag set I really like. Anybody on here make this set? First Boards - Iowa State Theme with Lights • Cornhole Players :: Cornhole Game Forum | Rules | Building Info What are other peoples designs?
  9. tman24

    WTB: Need 3 tickets to Texas Tech

    Hoping to go to the Texas Tech game and need 3 tickets together. Let me know if anyone has any available. Not picky on location.
  10. tman24

    L Johnson getting a lot of talk

    Mayock is giving him a lot of talk right now in the Senior Bowl. Not all of it good, but at least they are talking about him. Close to having a pick the last play.
  11. tman24

    4 of the forgotten 5 won!

    Hopefully this is a nice slap in the face to Texas and Oklahoma schools.
  12. tman24

    BF3: Join Cyclone Platoon

    Battlelog / Sign in Just created a Platoon for BF3. All platforms should be able to join. Hopefully we can create some Clone wars for BF3.
  13. tman24

    clone zone

    When I try to sign up for clone zone why do I go in an endless circle? Sign in, click purchase package, click already memeber, sign in and repeat. Am I stupid?:skeptical:
  14. tman24

    Buying house without Realtor

    Long story short we like a house that is for sale by owner that we began looking at before we started working with a realtor. Has anyone purchased a house without a realtor? I have read up a little online and if we do decide to move on this house, we will probably hire a real estate lawyer. What...
  15. tman24

    HBO: Game of Thrones

    Premieres in a couple of weeks. After watching the sneak preview, I am pretty excited about the show. Seems dark and gritty. Makes me want to read the books. Just to warn people at work, its a little graphic but nothing to bad. HBO: Game of Thrones: Homepage
  16. tman24

    combined systems technologies?

    Located in des moines. Wondering what they are like. Thanks in advance.
  17. tman24

    NFL: John Fox new Denver Bronco Head Coach

    A tweet from johnelway: I am excited to announce that John Fox has agreed to terms to become the 14th head coach in Denver Broncos history. Also received a text from a while ago. I am pretty excited I wanted either Fox or Dennison. Defense should improve so that is a plus.
  18. tman24

    Remote webcam software

    My wife and I recently adopted a puppy and I was wanting to keep an eye on her while I was work. I am wanting to just use the laptop web cam and be able to watch off and on through out the day. Free would be the best. Thanks in advanced for any suggestions.
  19. tman24

    Michael Jordans New $12.4M Home

    Would be nice wouldn't it? Exclusive Look At Michael Jordan’s New Jupiter Home | Palm Beach County Real Estate | Jeff Lichtenstein's Blog Features include: 2 story guard house 11 bedroom Athletic wing including a basketball court State of the art media room
  20. tman24

    Washer/Dryer Suggestions

    Moving to a duplex in a few days and we are needing a washer and dryer. I have looked around the last few days. I know I want a front loading washer. I also only want to spend around $1400 for the washer and dryer together. I have my eyes on these: Samsung DV220AEW Samsung WF220ANW Anyone...