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    FS: 2 for Texas Tech, Sect 236 Row 9

    Halfway up 236 on the aisle. Asking $40, OBO. Can throw in a parking pass too if I can get it to you somehow conveniently. Would just like someone to fill the seats and make some noise! PM me.
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    FS: Gone again- free - 2 MBB for Chicago St

    Free to a good home, seems fair since I just got one free for last weekend. Pay it forward as they say. PM me.
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    WTB: Done, thanks

    Just looking for 1 for tomorrow, to get the gf daughter into the game. Cheap and or free is preferred, will just squeeze her into our section anyway. TIA
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    FS: Alabama St, 2 uppers

    Sect 236, row 9 on the aisle. Asking $20 for pair. Can throw in parking pass.
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    FS: MBB Tix - early games and more

    There's no way I can make all 19 games, especially all the weeknight ones coming from CR. My season tix are section 236, row 9. A pair on the aisle. I'd ask $20 each for the below, but negotiable. I can probably throw in the parking pass, but it is physical so needs mailed or picked up...
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    Where to sell a walnut tree?

    I had to cut down a big walnut tree as it was too close to the house and some stonework. The main trunk is roughly 30 ft long and 24-18" wide or so. Anyone have any suggestions where to sell it? I will contact some local sawmills, but figured I would ask the class...
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    New PA Announcer

    Anyone care to comment? I am not familiar with his work, maybe there are some I-Cubs fans who can weigh in. Hammen announced as new announcer
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    PFF Top 130 QBs list

    PFF Top 130 QBs Article Big12: 1. Rattler 17. Purdy 27. Doege 35. Thompson (KSU) 42. Thompson (TX) 55. Duggan 65. Sanders 69. Shough 106. Zeno/Bohanon 108. Kansas Trio Surprised Doege was so high. And Sanders so low. LOL that 3 stiffs from Kansas are rated above TOE's guy at 112.
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    FS: 2 Tix for ISU vs Jackson St Dec 20

    I bought some tickets for basketball, but am now headed to Dallas. Not going to be back for sunday's game. Section 231, Row 12. They were $40 each from ISU, PM me with an offer!
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    Transferring CCG Tickets Question

    Anyone know how to transfer our tickets yet? I am used to doing this with ISU, but these apparently are being managed by SeatGeek instead. Anyone done this yet, or know the process? Thanks
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    FS: 3 for Big12 CCG; Section 218 Row 2

    No idea how to price these - they are worth a lot more than face, but I don't want to price gouge a fellow Cyclone. PM me and make offer, and I will check back as work allows today. We will be sitting together, I have the other 3 in the pod of 6. So fun people and actual Cyclones preferred lol.
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    FS: 2 OSU Tix

    Section 236, Row 9 on the aisle. $40 for the pair. Can throw in States 250 parking pass! PM me. Thanks!
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    FS: No Longer Available

    Section 236, aisle, row 9. $75 each. Can throw in parking pass as well. PM me.
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    2019-2020 Season Prediction (Poll)

    Didn't see a record prediction thread... mods please delete if someone already did one and I missed it. I'm not super optimistic. Too many new pieces and a history of Prohm taking time to experiment first and worry about wins later. Thinking 18-13 and about .500 in conference. Hopefully on...
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    Run-Pass (Im)Balance

    I know this is well-covered ground, but just to put some stats on it: The numbers bear out that when they get cute and throw it around too much, bad things happen. Was tempted to look at last year too, maybe someone else has the time. Mea culpa if any of the stats are wrong, quickly copied...
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    Tickets arrived today!

    Christmas in October! States 250 got moved back north into D4 lot from 85E. VERY happy about that, have been griping about it for a couple seasons. See y'all in Hilton!
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    WTB: 1 Ticket TCU (anywhere, cheap/free)

    Just getting the gf's daughter into the game. Can meet before game at stadium or do the elec transfer. If someone has one that is otherwise going to waste. Thanks!
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    FS: SOLD

    Section B, row 2. Good view of everything except the far south end. Can't make game due to work travel. $50 each, includes G7 parking pass as well.
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    Moving a garage?

    Have a decent 2 car garage, but need to have more garage space. Unfortunately, the way the backyard is set up the existing garage blocks off access to the entire backyard where you would build a 2nd garage. Has anyone ever moved a garage or other building? How tough? Cost? We'd have to...
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    WTB: 1 for TCU on 9 Feb

    Looking for just one, taking a kid to the game. Prefer upper level, decent price. PM me or sjbell50 (at) Thanks