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  1. cyIclSoneU

    Median boomer retirement account $144,000

    The spike of cheap labor overseas affected wages and prices in America, but that would not have been possible without the labor agreements that American entered into - agreements that, at the time, were backed by majorities of both parties. It is interesting that today, international trade...
  2. cyIclSoneU

    Median boomer retirement account $144,000

    There are thousands if not millions of people who would feel this way and then either mismanage their money, get hit by a poorly timed market crash, or some combination of the two (too much risk exposure too late in the game and then 2008 happens again, etc.). Speaking of 2008, imagine the...
  3. cyIclSoneU

    Kinnick-Slater Stadium?

    Think it's a great idea because his name was kept off of the stadium for racist reasons initially. The state of Iowa would have the only two FBS stadiums named for Black men (of course, Iowa's would comes decades after ISU's and would be sharing the name with a white man).
  4. cyIclSoneU

    JD Spielman enters transfer portal

    He’s already redshirted and has only one year of eligibility left, and he hasn’t graduated. So he needs a waiver to play at all. If he earns a waiver it will probably be for 2020.
  5. cyIclSoneU

    Whiny millenials and their parents

    I know a boomer who posted all the time on Facebook about milllenials being entitled, lazy, selfish, never could have made it back in my day, a threat to America etc... then got one “OK boomer” comment and immediately unfriended the commenter and posted four separate times how rude and hurtful...
  6. cyIclSoneU

    ISU fall schedule announced

    Getting the whole week off for Thanksgiving is not all that common nationally, so losing that should be a pretty minor complaint in the grand scheme. If finals week will really be the Saturday through Wednesday before Thanksgiving, that would be worse. Finals should be Thursday-Friday, then the...
  7. cyIclSoneU

    Jack Trice

    I wish that we would make Jack Trice a much larger focus. I think that we have been doing a better job, but we could do even more. Iowa State has the only FBS stadium in the country named for a Black man... 1 out of 130. And it was a community- and student-led grassroots campaign to rename...
  8. cyIclSoneU

    Best Credit Card For Airline Miles

    I have a Sapphire Reserve and I like the flexibility to use its perks on any airline, but that would be less valuable in a one-carrier hub like MSP is with Delta. The Priority Pass membership that comes with it is of sporadic value. Airports that have included lounges are usually in...
  9. cyIclSoneU

    Does attending a more selective college equal a bigger paycheck?

    Any given person can go to any school (or no school at all) and achieve great things, get very desirable jobs, etc. That doesn’t change the statistics for large groups of people. On the whole, more people who go to Harvard Law will have good outcomes than people who go to Southeastern Indiana...
  10. cyIclSoneU

    Big 12 Bowl news...

    The auto bids for the NY6 are Pac-12 and B1G to Rose, Big 12 and SEC to Sugar, and ACC to Orange. This coming season, both the Rose and Sugar are semifinals, so it throws things off considerably. The only sure thing is that an ACC team will play in the Orange Bowl. Their opponent in that game...
  11. cyIclSoneU

    Big 12 Bowl news...

    The Big 12 bowl pecking order for 2020 is: CFP Cotton/Peach/Fiesta/Orange - guaranteed only if the champion is not in the CFP Alamo Cheez-It (in Orlando) Texas Liberty The Bowl Formerly Known as Cheez-It (in Arizona) Armed Forces First Responder The Sugar Bowl is a semifinal this year, meaning...
  12. cyIclSoneU

    Does attending a more selective college equal a bigger paycheck?

    Right, the only school in Iowa that I would think “This guy is probably smart” without knowing anything else about him is Grinnell. If you go to Simpson or Upper Iowa or Mount Mercy or Northwestern College or whatever else, I won’t think any more or less vs somebody who went to one of the state...
  13. cyIclSoneU

    Does attending a more selective college equal a bigger paycheck?

    With all of that said, there are fields where school matters immensely. One of the most school prestige-sensitive fields is the legal industry, where there is a cabal of 14 universities (literally known as the "Top 14") from which most major law firms primarily draw (as well as other...
  14. cyIclSoneU

    Does attending a more selective college equal a bigger paycheck?

    Glad you mentioned this - the culture surrounding education (particularly, but not exclusively, higher education) is so much different in the northeast than the Midwest. Going to a public university on the east coast is looked down upon. It's so much better that Midwest states have strong public...
  15. cyIclSoneU

    Contractor Conundrum

    Even a free consultation with an attorney could give you some info about whether this contractor not meeting code might excuse you from your entire contract with him. If you aren't willing to get a lawyer involved, then you are stuck deciding whether you trust him not to half-ass the work when...
  16. cyIclSoneU

    Attendance stuff ...

    ECU has a surprisingly strong fan base. It helps that all of the P5 programs in NC are in the middle part of the state. The eastern part is culturally distinct and has a lot of Pirates fans. If they got good at football again, they could be in a P5 mix.
  17. cyIclSoneU

    Des Moines High School football

    I can see both sides of this. There’s something special about having your own stadium, however, in Cedar Rapids the three schools that share Kingston all seem to feel like it’s their home field. You can have as many as four schools share one stadium if you’re willing to play on Thursdays. It’s...
  18. cyIclSoneU

    Williams/Blum Quarantine Pod: Realignment? Bulls/ISU. California / COVID recruiting

    You don’t get paid for only highly rated games, or teams. You get paid for teams that are above the league average. Any team that is above the Big 12 average would raise that average and therefore the distributions to each school. And that bar goes down even further if you can give a new school...
  19. cyIclSoneU

    Academic Calendar for Fall Semester

    Doesn't a typical 3 credit class meet for 150 or 160 minutes a week (MWF from 10:00-10:50, TuTh from 1:10-2:30, etc.)? And there are 15 weeks of class plus a finals week. Starting on 8/10 and doing finals the week before Thanksgiving leaves 14 weeks for class. If the thrice-weekly classes had...
  20. cyIclSoneU

    Academic Calendar for Fall Semester

    Part of the pressure is that the first day of class is the day after the State Fair is scheduled to end. I don't think ISU does this unless the Fair gets cancelled, and I don't think it will be cancelled. Pretty much everyone I knew in school from a rural community was either personally...