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  1. JStanz51

    Corner 3 Mailbag Episode - 12/16/21

    Here's the link to the podcast for you guys. Thanks again for all the questions!
  2. JStanz51

    Corner 3 Mailbag Episode - 12/16/21

    Just finished recording. I think it might've been the most insightful Cyclone Fanatic mailbag podcast of all time. Great questions, guys. I told Scott he brought out the best in all of you.
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    According to Niang Coach K considered Iowa State at one point

    I was thinking the same thing while I listened to his pod with JJ. Might have to put in a call and see if we can get him on a pod with Scott.
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    Corner 3 Mailbag Episode - 12/16/21

    If we were talking purely mid-range shooting ability, Izaiah would be 1A, Marial Shayok would be 1B and you already know 1C — Jeff Beverly. Rest of the list is irrelevant.
  5. JStanz51

    Corner 3 Mailbag Episode - 12/16/21

    Recording a podcast with Scott Christopherson today. He wants to take some questions from fans. Hit me with whatever you’ve got about this year’s team, the Big 12, etc. and we’ll answer it on the pod. (I don’t think Scott knows the box he’s opening so let’s make sure he gets some of the best...
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    Jon Heacock weighs in on climate of college coaching

    Thought this was good stuff from The Professor.
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    Bowl Projections

    In fairness, I was there for probably twice as long as most Iowa Staters when we went for the Camping World so I had more time to develop a dislike and get tired of it. Spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day there basically by myself 90-95% of the time because I was the only media guy in the area...
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    STANZ: Hall-oween arrives with opening-play flash in Manhattan

    My column from the win in Manhattan.
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    CFTV: Otz's media day press conference

  10. JStanz51

    STANZ: Thoughts from media day
  11. JStanz51

    STANZ: What does the Xavier Foster news mean for Iowa State?

    Yeah, I had this written this morning and just forgot to take it out when the press release hit.
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    STANZ: What does the Xavier Foster news mean for Iowa State?

  13. JStanz51

    Corner 3: Tipping off the season w/ new contributor Scott Christopherson

    New podcast to the lineup. This will be fun to do every week!
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    Breaking down the UNI Panthers

    Forgot one of the games I meant to include on the list. Last year's Kansas game at -27.5.
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    WTB: Four tickets for vs. OSU

    Looking to buy four tickets to the game against Oklahoma State on Oct. 23. Shoot me a PM or email me ( if you have some you're looking to get rid of.
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    Fall Camp Coverage

    Just wanted to link all of our fall camp stuff and sticky it for you guys. What He Said: Matt Campbell Podcast: Campbell's first availability of fall camp Podcast: Campbell's media day press conference THE LONG AND BINDING ROAD: ISU’s continued O-line growth once again critical to team...
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    Report: OU & Texas reach out to join SEC

    Chris has been with his sick kid all night. I'm waiting for a text then we're going to start podding.
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    Cyclone Football Twitter

    I truly appreciate that. When I started trying to get into this business, I really only wanted to do podcasts/be on the radio. I wanted to call games. I saw writing as a necessary evil to get to the point where I could do that, but it was a grind. It did not come naturally to me. I was usually...
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    Cyclone Football Twitter

    I use a web plug-in called Grammarly that catches a lot of mistakes, but will also point out things all the time that aren't mistakes and try to get me to change them. One of my goals, since I was in college, has been to develop a writing style that is as close to how I actually talk as...
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    Cyclone Football Twitter

    I try to avoid those words because I know I'm going to mess them up. I'm smart enough to know how big of an idiot I am. Edit: Realize the wrong complement was used in my story yesterday but my transcription service used the wrong one and I just didn't catch it. S*** happens when you're your own...