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  1. WooBadger18

    Friday OT: I want to be a golden retriever when I grow up

    Angie left me in charge of one of the Friday OT threads this week. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Anything especially fun, cool, impossible? How did your plan end up working out? The first one I remember is wanting to be a firefighter. Never happened (probably...
  2. WooBadger18

    Abuse of Football Players by University of Maryland Coaches

    I just saw this and holy ****, what has happened at Maryland? Those coaches need to be gone and never coach again
  3. WooBadger18

    Licentiosus Sententia Sermo VI (RTT VI)

    Since attorneys try and look smart by using Latin I figured I'd try and do that with this thread. And I used google translate, so if it's wrong, sue me. Or we can always get a mod to change it so it's correct
  4. WooBadger18

    2014 MLS season

    The 2014 MLS season starts tonight with a game between Kansas City and Seattle. Hope KC wins that one, but I'm hoping Portland wins it all this year. Go Timbers!
  5. WooBadger18

    NFL logos redesigned as Soccer logos

    Just saw this today, and thought it was a pretty cool concept. I like a lot of these more than the actual logos Football as Football
  6. WooBadger18

    Rex thrusts Jets into QB crisis

    Just saw this on ESPN. Horrible decision and as if the Jets need any more reason to hate Rex Ryan. New York Jets coach Rex Ryan makes irresponsible decision to play Mark Sanchez - ESPN New York
  7. WooBadger18

    Sepp Blatter to request 2022 World Cup played during the winter.

    If this goes through it should be a good move. It'll make the temperatures a bit more manageable. Report: FIFA boss Sepp Blatter will request moving Qatar's' 2022 World Cup to winter |
  8. WooBadger18

    New York City gets another MLS team

    I'm not sure how many MLS fans we have on here, but New York is getting the 20th MLS club. It looks like it it's going to be run by Man city and the New York Yankees. Frankly, I think it's a big **** you to the NY Cosmos. Major League Soccer announces New York expansion team: New York City...
  9. WooBadger18

    Rutgers Coach

    As if we needed another reason to be glad that we have Fred Hoiberg as a coach, this article comes out. I'm really glad Coach Hoiberg doesn't coach this way (or at least it doesn't appear he does) Practice video shows Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice berated, pushed and used slurs against...
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    Anyone else watching tonight?
  11. WooBadger18

    Article on Iowa State beating Oklahoma.

    Thought this was a pretty good article.
  12. WooBadger18

    30 for 30: Ghosts of Ole Miss

    Anyone else watching?