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    ***2021-22 NCAA Mens Basketball Thread***

    I think you have it here. Run it up on the cupcakes and your OE looks amazing. Ho-hum it against the cupcakes and your OE looks very meh. That's your difference with Iowa and ISU. Iowa put it on those teams. ISU, due to both style and early season figuring themselves out, did not. The...
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    ***2021-22 NCAA Mens Basketball Thread***

    OSU defense is 7th in Pomeroy. Their offense 174. How on earth did they win AT Baylor? Baylor must have totally overlooked them. 9 of 10 teams in the top 30 defensively. No nights off in this league. Don't bother to comb your hair. DEF OFF Tech 2 66 ISU...
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    Pollard on Cyclone Club Level Changes

    Before I had season tickets, I bought corner uppers from the university on a deal for I think $5 or $7 each. Took the family, some extra kids etc. That was for a fantastic team for the Fizer dunks over Mihm Texas game. It takes a few years of success to REALLY sell out consistently and...
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    Question for Veterinarians and/or Dog Owners

    Get a new vet. Or at least try a different one for this. Just like doctors, some are better at some things than others, some have different approaches to their practice, and some will be more suited to your communication style. Get a 2nd opinion.
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    Brian Joens needs to be dealt with

    He is not going to listen to his kids. He is the boss of them. Won't work.
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    Brian Joens needs to be dealt with

    They absolutely do care what others think. Getting them on board and not to be defensive is the tricky part.
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    Brian Joens needs to be dealt with

    Someone needs to talk to him. Bill, JP, a high-dollar donor, someone he would respect. Don't need to threaten him or be aggressive, that won't work. Someone needs to tell him its making HIM look bad. There are better ways to command respect - being positive only, people respect calm leaders...
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    COVID and games

    I think most programs are going to have some games with some guys missing. Have to hope it evens out I suppose (hurts one game, helps another), though obviously it may not work out that way. Also, in before someone caves this thread lol.
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    Lord of the Rings Universe Thread

    Hmmmm. I was hoping for a lot of Feanor and sons. This feels more like a lot of Celebrimbor. But then again, maybe they will start from the beginning and get there, not much detail in that trailer.
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    Saturday Tradition Ranks Big 10 QBs

    At least Petras was ranked above the guy on the knee scooter. Probably comparable mobility in the pocket.
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    10 Years Ago Today

    My favorite Scotty C moment might have been at CHA. This is how I remember it, hope I still have all the details right anyway. He had just been drilling 3s all game, and towards the end of the game, ISU was up maybe 4 or 5, ISU got a turnover and he was already in the corner, all by himself...
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    Tough day for EIU hoops hopes

    My thought was maybe they did this to max overall attendance for the league. Give the low enders as few weekend games as possible. That said, it does blow - 3 weekends and 7 weeknights?. If it was ISU in that spot, I'd be sizzled about it..
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    Facilities and financial update from Jamie Pollard

    Wouldn't be bad for football either when it's raining or freezing cold. Expensive as sin, but interesting idea.
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    Hy-Vee's weirdest business decision yet?

    Yeah I am in the "neutral on hyvee" segment. it's not as expensive as people say, and if you shop the ads it is competitive with Fareway. They do have really good selection generally, produce usually very good. I am NOT a fan of the "upscale" hyvee layouts they are going to (e.g. Edgewood...
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    Big 12 Expansion (new thread)

    I will still be surprised if OuT is in the Big12 in 22-23.
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    **Unofficial Confidence Check 1/16/22: NCAA Tournament Seed

    Palm's ONLY claim to fame is being the only guy on the planet worse than Lunardi. I could predict seeds using the clumps in our cat's litterbox, and it would be just as accurate as Palm.
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    *** Official #15 IOWA STATE vs #18 Texas Tech Game(Day) Thread ***

    I am not confident. Tech coming off a loss will be motivated, at home, and has another guy or two I think. That said, I felt exact same at KU and that was tighter a frogs sphincter. So who knows. Would be a shatteringly big W if they can get it.
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    Our Offense

    That's making me more hardened just thinking about it.
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    Hy-Vee's weirdest business decision yet?

    Yes, meat, but also booze. And you don't have to shoplift it, just load up your cart and roll it out the door. You can be gone before much can happen besides "Sir you have to pay for that". Our local HyVee, it would take about 8 people to overwhelm them and probably steal $10k worth of product...
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    Racism Solved in Iowa City

    They had to buy his silence, he knew where all the bodies were buried. "Kirk, I want a Million Dollars, or I will go public and burn this place to the ground" "Gary, go write that check out right now." "Yessir boss. Should I take the money from your imaginary bowl bonus? " "Hell no. Just...