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  1. dafarmer

    Francon 4 alert

    Fran the man getting ready to blow. Dubious foul called on PM and MaCaffery came out in him Fran deflecting officials.
  2. dafarmer

    Football scheduling

    Who was the idiot who thought it would be nice to schedule a game in Green Bay on January2, starting at 7:00 p.M.
  3. dafarmer

    Okie State and ISU replay

    Was at the game yesterday and was wanting to see a replay of the game. Anyone know if/ when it will be replayed?
  4. dafarmer

    Schools use of pandemic funds

    I have been reading about the use of government pandemic funds for questionable athletic projects (athletic fields and weights and exercise equipment). While legal (20% must be spent academic activities), this seems to be questionable use of funds. I love sports, but it all be spent on books...
  5. dafarmer

    Kansas fans at last nights game

    There weren't many at the game, but I noticed for the armed forces salute and other in-game honoraries, the KU band stood and waved. During the Alma Mater they were respectful unlike the DB fans from Iowa.
  6. dafarmer

    ISU punting

    Has anyone ever figured out why the punter lines up so close to the blockers? It always seems like he is afraid to kick and hit his blockers in the rear. Other teams seem like there is more distance so the punter can extend his leg more. Just wondering.
  7. dafarmer

    OU having trouble with NU

    OU playing like crap 7~3 in second quarter. 2 PF on Nebraska. Maybe they aren’t as AWESOME as they believe they are.
  8. dafarmer


    Everyone probably thinks it is the game, or even the hogeyes and their DB cheering while the Alma Mater was being sung. I was disappointed in the number of seats sold to the visiting team, and I know people will b#### and say I am naive. but JFC, if you need money that bad go sell some blood or...
  9. dafarmer

    NU is back!

    Nebraska wanted to be relevant again, and they achieved their goal. MSN had 6 different articles on this morning, making them the number 1 topic of discussion. The Huskers are BACK . ;)
  10. dafarmer

    Break out the boats

    With Nebraska being down 21 (14 now) , every one in Western Iowa better get ready for the tears heading our way. It could be a historic flood coming!:eek:
  11. dafarmer

    ISU marching band

    The ISU marching band paraded down the Grand Concourse at the Iowa State fair yesterday. Had plans to go(inside information) but wife is having health problems.
  12. dafarmer

    Song on September 11, 2021 at 7:30

    What song should be played after the ISU-U of I game? Besides Sweet Caroline being staid, mine would be ,Let the Good Times Roll.
  13. dafarmer

    Aquatic center in Ames,

    What is the location of the proposed aquatic center and hotel complex? Why not wait and see if the Entertainment complex ever gets finalized?
  14. dafarmer

    Creighton put on Probation

    See where Creighton was put on 2 years probation. fined $5000 + 1% of BB revenue, Loss of shcolarship for next 2 years, and reduction of visits for recruits and parents. No word on KU. Asst. coach recruiting violations.
  15. dafarmer

    RIP Herb Tarlek

    Passing today is Frank Bonner, one of the members of WKRP, one of the best ensemble comedies ever made.:(
  16. dafarmer

    ISU Men's basketball at Creighton

    Need to get a tailgating bar set up in Omaha soon. Both teams will probably start completely new lineups from last year.
  17. dafarmer

    Cloeman-Lands transfer

    After the news of his transfer to Kansas, what does this say to you- either KU really is desperate, or Prohm really didn't know how to use him. I really think KU is really, really deseparate.
  18. dafarmer

    ISU vs KU

    ESPNU has Isu vs Kansas 1997 on now!
  19. dafarmer

    Hunter Sallis

    Declared for Gonzaga this morning
  20. dafarmer

    Top o' the morning to you!

    Got the corned beef on and the cabbage ready to go. From someone who has enough Irish in him to be dangerous, go celebrate safely and be ready for next year! Eire go Brach :D