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    Connor McCaffery appreciation thread

    To be fair, Jamie Pollard was removed from his son's high school or middle school basketball game some years back. The basketball scene is brutal for officials these days.
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    Random Thoughts 15: Crystal Clear 2021 Edition

    Off topic- anyone have any recommendations on regaining sense of smell and taste?
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    *** Official Kansas State vs IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    The football team will have more wins this season than the basketball team. I’m checking out for the season. Not wasting my time.
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    *** Official Kansas State vs IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    In before #fireprohm. When we end up losing.
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    3 of the last 4 years

    We got beat by former players of a coach we should have hired. Bet Jamie didn’t see that one coming.
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    *** Official Arkansas - Pine Bluff vs IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Going to be a very long year for basketball. We will get worked by the Hawks by 30.
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    Hilton Basketball Court Sale

    Anyone know when the basketball schedule will be released?
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    Iowa United 2020

    Wow, that’s a nicely put together team. It is hard to get excited right now with the uncertainty of the event though. If it does happen I will certainly be watching and cheering! Thanks for your hard work in forming this team and everything else behind the scenes.
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    COLUMN: An analysis on the future of Iowa State basketball

    I have a source very close to the basketball program. They have heard from staff that there is no structure in practices. Not surprising given the product on the court. I knew we were in for a very long season, we will be next year as well. This direction won't change until Prohm is gone.
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    Monday Musings Podcast today: Ask me anything

    Have you ever sharted your pants in public?
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    Dental Work Qs
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    Bowen Born

    I wasn't comparing between them. Just comparing their height. And also the NBA is always an inch or two off. He is maybe 6 ft with the right shoes.
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    Bowen Born

    No but there are plenty of great college players under 6 feet that are successful. You make it out that all are ineffective at the college level which simply isn't true. I never said we should have recruited Born I am just pointing out that your list of guards under 6 ft for one conference and...
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    Bowen Born

    What about last year though? Remember when everyone was upset on this board when TCU came to Hilton and spanked us? Remember their short guard off the bench Kendric Davis? He is listed at 5'11 and put up 22 points on us.
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    DSM Metro Daycare Costs

    Another thing that is often overlooked when comparing in home vs center. Most in homes have PTO days and more holidays off. If they get 10-15 days off that is something to consider and be prepared for.
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    *** Official #3 Kansas Vs IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Waiting for CyTwins to come in here and start blowing smoke.
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    Question internet in central Iowa

    I live in Johnston. I had Mediacom for 3 years before I pulled the plug and switched last year. Haven’t had an issue with Century Link. No issues with surfing internet or streaming live tv and sports. Mediacom was very spotty. I wasted plenty of time on the phone with them. I even bought a few...
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    Latrell Bankston Commits

    I have looked and haven't been able to find it. But does anyone know how many years of eligibility he has left?
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    Iowa Basketball's Super Bowl

    Grill and Jackson have been absolutely non existent on offense so far. That is what this team is missing. I understand Jackson is a good on ball defender but he can't make an open shot and it kills our offensive flow. Same thing with Grill. Heck even throw Griffin out there. What a...
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    Iowa Basketball's Super Bowl

    It is an excuse you guys are saying now to soften the blow if we lose. You can't tell me Iowa State can't get up for this game? We got our a$$es beat last year. That should be more than enough motivation. And CyTwins what is it with you man? Are you retired or what? Not sure how you spend so...