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  1. OnlyCyclones

    Regardless of what happens with the football coaching carousel,

    I hope that we can appreciate that Coach Otz, regardless of how well ISU performs under his watch, sees ISU as his dream job. Sure, everyone is happy because we’re 6-0, but even if he was 3-3, we should appreciate that he wants to spend the rest of his career in Ames (and took a modest salary to...
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    CBB Redshirt Rule?

    Hi all, not trying to ignite more Jaden Walker discussion, I was just curious if anyone knew the redshirt rule for CBB. A quick Google search yielded an SI article saying the NCAA was considering a change to allow six to eight games to be played and still redshirt, potentially as soon as this...
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    Thematically speaking, what offense should Navy run?

    Army is fine running the triple option, and Air Force should be running the air raid, to signify air power. But what should Navy run to be thematically correct?
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    Big 12 Jobs Ranked by Podcast

    Ten12 Podcast MBB Job Ranking I’m a semi-regular listener of a Big 12-focused podcast called the Ten12, and today’s edition ranked the conference’s men’s basketball jobs. The main host is an Oklahoma State fan and the other host had ISU ranked in the same place but I don’t remember his...
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    Who's Tom Herman in Iowa to see?

    <blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Herman: I don&#39;t know a whole lot about Georgia. I&#39;m in Iowa right now recruiting. We&#39;ll spend some time diving into the X&#39;s and O&#39;s and all of that.</p>&mdash; Nick Moyle (@NRMoyle) <a href="">December 2...
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    Net punting stats so far The net punting average leaves some to be desired, but average field position is a huge part of that. So were the early season shanks. The big stats for me are only 12 return yards allowed so far this year, along with zero touchbacks...
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    Why do second basemen win MVPs?

    It's weird that second basemen have more MVPs than shortstops (16 to 15, second most among infielders behind first base, thanks Wikipedia). They play second because they don't have the arm for short. Stereotypical second basemen are high average, but low power hitters. The Altuves and Pedroias...
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    Kendell Jackson

    What do we know about the Roosevelt commit? I'm intrigued by his tape. Preferred walk-on?