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    Big 12 Bowl Defense

    Big 12 including New Big 12, averaged 19.6 PPG. Impressive, if I have it right. Includes, AL, Auburn, FL, MS, MS State, Clemson, pretty good teams.
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    SEC is looking bad so far

    So far a loss from Mizzou to Army and Florida to UCF. Geez.
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    Public Parking Pass Kansas $50

    Public parking pass for the KU game for $50. Friends are going to tailgate with me instead. They bought it on stubhub for $130! That was stupid. 7204361638. Still have it.
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    Big 12 and State Legislatures

    OU and UT heading to the SEC is bad for the state of Texas and Oklahoma. OSU, Tech, Baylor, TCU, and the cities involved will take a hit. UT already has a side deal that will pay them more than membership in the SEC. If I am an OK or TX legislator I think this is bad for the University Systems...
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    O-Line 9 and 10

    Downing, Newell, Remsburg, Simmons, Schweiger, Foster, Ramos, Treiber. Who would be number 9 and 10 for our O-Line? We have an awesome top 8 right now.
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    Freshman Chambers getting Playing Time

    Who is Chambers sharing time with? Young guy looks like an upperclassman.
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    Foster's Improved game

    I have been watching the o-line as I replay the games. I thought Foster has really been playing well. I can not put my finger on it, but he seems to have an increased intensity level and he looks like he is moving his feet really well. Any gurus have any insight?
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    Texas versus OU Why?

    What outcome is best for us Cyclones. My thought is another loss for Texas helps our title chances the most since we own a tie breaker versus OU. My heart wants an 0-3 OU.
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    Money and Kicking the Can down the road.

    1. Where is the money for scholarships going to come from if football is cancelled. Football pays for the AD expenses and virtually all scholarships. 2. Why do people assume that the risk to college age kids will be better by spring or fall of 2021? Coronavirus is not going away.
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    Busch Light is crap

    Waiting for the wife at yard house. Talking to a guy with three little girls asking me about Iowa State and why they are all here in San Antonio. He is confused. Tell him about the game and Wazzou. See a guy walk up in a red shirt with some funny writing and a weird logo. I tell him there is a...
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    Gotta Rebound Coach

    Rebounding, D, and O in that order. If you can not get your guys to rebound you can not win championships. Painful to watch.
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    Buy Helmet Decals

    Anyone know where to buy Helmet Decals? We have ski/snowboard and motorcycle helmets me and the boys would like to make look like football helmets. Where does a guy find this type of stuff?
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    How is rebounding not the talk of the town? WTF! +11 against OU, and like -10 or something against Baylor. Thoughts?
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    3-9 and 1-12 were my two teams.

    Tough year to be a CFB fan as my two favorite teams went 3-9 and 1-12. Oh well, at least I ended on a winning note!
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    Offensive Line

    Why is it that when we can not run the football the Offensive Line sucks, and when the Offensive Line dominates we talk about how great Mike Warren is?