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  1. BeneventiCy28

    *** Official #11 IOWA STATE vs Oklahoma Game(Day) Thread ***

    This, this, this x1,000. I won’t forget this game come Feb 19th
  2. BeneventiCy28

    FS: SOLD 3 Tickets - Baylor (1/1)

    I want those tickets and parking pass if still available.
  3. BeneventiCy28

    PSA: Please don't dress like monkeys on Saturday

    Sounds like a “them” problem. I for one don’t have the time of day to really care what other people might or might not be offended by. If that’s the way they want to live, must be a miserable existence. They absolutely have the right to feel that way, I also have the right to not care. I don’t...
  4. BeneventiCy28

    FS: 2 tix section 14 vs Texas

    Tickets are sold
  5. BeneventiCy28

    Horns Down shirt

    For most of tailgating, I plan on rocking that t shirt that I’ve waited almost 3 months to buy. I’m also a glutton for punishment, but I’ll be damned if I don’t show that shirt off to every single person who walks past my tailgate in C6, no matter the weather conditions.
  6. BeneventiCy28

    FS: 2 tix section 14 vs Texas

    We have 2 extra tickets, section 14 row 30, seats 9-10 Looking for $150 each.
  7. BeneventiCy28

    *** Official #22 IOWA STATE vs West Virginia Game(Day) THREAD ***

    I’ve seen worse games, I’ve seen worse calls, but all of the improbable things that happened during this game, with all the implications on the line, I haven’t been this mad after a game in a long, LONG time
  8. BeneventiCy28

    Parking pass for Texas game Nov. 6

    Check ticket exchange. A few available there
  9. BeneventiCy28

    Big 12 this weekend

    This isn’t about rooting for Texas, this is about being selfish for ourselves. Get Baylor an L to set us up for the conference championship game. It’s our job to beat everyone in front of us. The Baylor game is behind us and we dropped it, so we need someone to help us out. If Texas has to be...
  10. BeneventiCy28

    Isheem Young is swell

    Believe that was Kym-Mani King
  11. BeneventiCy28

    OSU game environment

    Every game from here on out is going to be HUGE as long as we keep the train on the tracks and keep winning to stay in the hunt for the championship game. Military obligations will keep me from making it to this game, and I typically yell more than maybe the folks around me would prefer, so I...
  12. BeneventiCy28

    ISU Commit Xavier Townsend on ESPNU tonight at 8 pm

    Kid is so smooth with how he plays the game. Just looks graceful and makes it look easy, similar to how Breece looks like he’s on a Sunday jog, yet no one can catch him. Looks like a natural skill player
  13. BeneventiCy28

    ISU Commit Xavier Townsend on ESPNU tonight at 8 pm

    Another TD. This kid hits the hole with some explosiveness and has solid vision. Looks really good
  14. BeneventiCy28

    Bowl Projections

    I’ll never forget sitting on the patio of a bar in late December in Orlando in a t shirt and shorts in 82 degree weather. Sure the game was rainy and not super warm, but Orlando is nowhere near a bad destination. Sucks it’s such a sprawling city so there is no focal point for fans to stay and...
  15. BeneventiCy28

    Vegas Invasion of Cyclones!

    How long until he asks Matt if he’s taking the USC job?
  16. BeneventiCy28

    UNLV Game Roll Call

    4 at Mandalay Bay. Coming in hot on Friday
  17. BeneventiCy28

    BLUM: Run it back

    I already told my girlfriend to be ready for I will shed tears when I get into my seats and get an internal view of Jack Trice for the first time in almost two years. Was happy to get down to Dallas in December, but a full stadium just hits different. Can’t wait!!
  18. BeneventiCy28

    JTS Improvements - Want More

    Just keep winning!!