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  1. Malty Flannel

    If you had to pick up and move where would you go?

    Somewhere less populated than Iowa. Take me west, but not to colorado. I'm thinking Wyoming or Montana.
  2. Malty Flannel

    Top 5 Favorite Movies

    Braveheart Gladiator The Departed 21 Jump Street I'm gonna cop out #5 and say the LOTR trilogy as a whole (not including Hobbit). If I have to pick one, give me The Two Towers
  3. Malty Flannel

    Olde Main closing

    FYI, the owner was sentenced this week: 3 years probation and a $160k fine.
  4. Malty Flannel

    ***Official 2019-2020 Transfer Thread***

    He looks just like Jared Brackens
  5. Malty Flannel

    10 Years Ago...

    I feel so lucky to have been a student from 2011-2015. I missed Fred's first year when they didn't do a whole lot and arguably saw one of the greatest stretches ever of ISU bball
  6. Malty Flannel

    Breweries to survive coronavirus?

    you may have seen me there. I had a growler filled shortly after 4 PM.
  7. Malty Flannel

    Breweries to survive coronavirus?

    I'd worry most about the small and relatively new breweries that, while they may be well-liked, don't have the huge fan following that the likes of Barntown and Lua have managed to capture. In my area, I'm thinking specifically of Brightside and Fenceline, and have concentrated my to-go buying...
  8. Malty Flannel

    If you're into it: My new podcast

    Is this on Spotify yet?
  9. Malty Flannel

    2020 Commits Stats & Senior Performance

    It feels slightly awkward watching him play with and against 9 tiny white kids. Anyways, Isaiah Austin immediately comes to mind watching him, although XF actually got some weight on his 7 foot frame. If he can get the mental toughness and physicality to bang with high-major players...
  10. Malty Flannel

    Firetrucker's Dan Heiderscheit passed away

    This is a huge bummer. Dan was a great guy. I grew up with his son in Ankeny, and got to have several chats with Dan at the brewery and on bike rides. He was quirky and very clever and always a joy to chat with
  11. Malty Flannel

    How bad are athlete's parents?

    Am I the only one that would find satisfaction in telling parents to stick their complaints up their own ass and either let me do my job, or transfer their kid to a different school?
  12. Malty Flannel

    This is why Prohm must go........

    The frustrating thing to me is, on paper this team SHOULD have shooters. Haliburton shot 40+% last year, Bolton was right around 40, Nixon was over 30, and even Jacobson IIRC was at least mid-30's. How has every one of these individuals regressed from long distance this season? Is it an...
  13. Malty Flannel

    Vote for your Lineup Preference

    I like Haliburton, Nixon, Bolton, Jackson, Conditt. Have not been a fan of the 2-post lineups this year. Jackson is still getting his feet under him but seems like a "Nixon-lite" on defense and has grit, and gives you a better shot to hit a 3 than Jacobson.
  14. Malty Flannel

    New Bracketology

    I see BU higher than a 6, and UT lower than a 5. How many years in a row now has texas severely underperformed with a bunch of 4 and 5 star recruits?
  15. Malty Flannel

    FSU talking potential hiring of Campbell

    Who has CMC singled out as his personal coaching heroes or icons? I can think of three. Bill Snyder, Gary Patterson, and Kirk Ferentz. Now why do you suppose he chose those three? Because they all stuck around at non-glamorous P5 school and built it into something special. (say what you...
  16. Malty Flannel

    New Belgium announces sale to Lion Little World Corp

    Question for you beer guys - I've been out of the craft beer world for about 3 years now. before that i was heavily involved in all the happenings. Now I maybe buy 1 or 2 4/6 packs a month. My question is, how much time and money do you spend on the bigger regional/national craft brands...
  17. Malty Flannel

    MSU fans discussing new coach. Campbell on their shortlist. Funny stuff

    CMC has addressed this more than once. It's not the typical "well it was a step into the P5 from mid-major, a raise, etc" He talked about seeing Iowa State as a "sleeping giant" that he thought he could figure out how to unleash
  18. Malty Flannel

    New Belgium announces sale to Lion Little World Corp

    Kirin also owns the Four Roses bourbon distillery
  19. Malty Flannel

    Thoughts on B12 Future

    The stronger the teams in conference get from top to bottom, the more important it becomes for them individually, and for the conference as a whole, to perform well in non-conference and bowl season. Just like another poster mentioned with basketball - there are (most) years where the league...
  20. Malty Flannel

    It's Kansas Week...

    ISU 42 KU 10